Work-Life Balance as a “#MummyBoss”

When it comes to finding that elusive balance in managing everything that is required of us, I know it differs from mom to mom, and from home to home.¬†In our case for instance, having a set of structure and routine¬†helps. This kind of thinking is how I try to manage being a Spoiled Mummy, a… Continue reading Work-Life Balance as a “#MummyBoss”

The #MummyBoss Struggle: What To Prioritize?

I am quite involved with the kids on a daily basis as I now work from home. This is my choice and this is how it has been since the day my eldest was born. It was a conscious decision from my part that I will take care of rearing the kids most of the… Continue reading The #MummyBoss Struggle: What To Prioritize?

The Spoiled Mummy