My 5 Favorite Chocolate Treats Now

When it comes to chocolate, I always say the darker, the better. But that’s just me. I think no matter what your preference is, you’ll agree that chocolate is simply one of the most delicious things on earth. It lifts a bad mood and brightens a gloomy day. It makes anyone feel better and gives everyone a reason… Continue reading My 5 Favorite Chocolate Treats Now

The Best of Tokyo – part 2

Here’s the continuation of my trip to Tokyo! If Part 1 (click here) had a lot of food photos, this Part 2 has even more yummy food adventures! So excuse the many photos, I really just had too many to eat! 🙂

A Guide to Chocolate Around the World

As my first ever food post, I thought it would only be fitting to talk about my first love, Chocolates. CHOCOLATES… Who doesn’t love them? Who can resist its power, its beauty, its allure, its charm? Definitely not The Spoiled Mummy! Much has been written and said about the benefits of chocolates, so this convinces… Continue reading A Guide to Chocolate Around the World

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