A Strawberry Fields Picnic Party

I am in the midst of preparing for another party, so this reminded me that I have neither written nor posted about the last birthday of my little girl when she turned three! So allow me to go back to a few months past and share with you what happened during that sweet and happy day…

French Carnival: My Daughter’s First Birthday

As I was going through my backlogs from last month and preparing to write my next batch of articles, I realized there’s still one big and important party that I haven’t written about yet! Yes, this party actually happened 2 years ago…so this is more than a backlog! This is in fact, a flashback to… Continue reading French Carnival: My Daughter’s First Birthday

Our Daughter’s Baptism

Because having a girl just makes everything more special!  Not to say that my 2 older boys are not special…of course they very much are! But having a girl just turned me to an even more detailed-oriented, “trying-hard-to-be-a-perfectionist-mother” than I already am! 🙂

A Sophisticated Kind of Baby Shower

All the family celebrations I have had are memorable and close to my heart. But this Baby Shower was quite a special one.  Already having two little boys that I am very grateful for, I was more than thrilled when I found out that our third child was going to be a girl! For me,… Continue reading A Sophisticated Kind of Baby Shower

The Spoiled Mummy