What Makes Landers A Superstore?

If you guys have been following my shopping posts on Landers, this is the third and the last of our series! So this photo that you see here is of our hardworking production team combined with Landers’ marketing team! It was a full day of shoot for us that started at 11am and lasted until… Continue reading What Makes Landers A Superstore?

My Top 10 Finds in Landers

In my last shopping trip in Landers Alabang (as seen here), I went home with bags full of my favorite things as well as some new products I recently discovered! So here’s the continuation of our series… Watch this short video clip to show you my TOP 10 FINDS here in LANDERS!

Landers : More Than A Superstore

Exactly a week ago, I braved the rains and decided to check out for myself what everyone has been talking about : Landers, the newest membership superstore has just opened! So I braced myself for traffic and left home at exactly 10:30am on a Monday morning… only to be pleasantly surprised that it took me only 35… Continue reading Landers : More Than A Superstore

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