TSM’s Fave Things: April 2016

This month, I had the best laksa in the city and had a childhood favorite come back to life as a cookie. April has also given me a few bits of inspirations here and there : a new and stylish sportswear, a couple of chic and practical notebooks, and some of the most gorgeous tableware I’ve… Continue reading TSM’s Fave Things: April 2016

Grace Home: The Big Idea

It still feels unreal that I have my own line of home products. It had been something I had been dreaming about for a long time. And when I pursued the dream, the time I spent making it come true also took some time as well. The idea started crystallizing at the beginning of this… Continue reading Grace Home: The Big Idea

Introducing Grace Home: My Newest Venture

So this happened last night. Ten friends came over for dinner. It was quite an intimate affair, and I was giddy and nervous as the hour approached. I had something special planned, you see.

The Spoiled Mummy