From New York to Manila: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is Here!

Mark your calendars, steak lovers! On February 19, Manila will be the newest branch of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, at Newport Mall, Resort’s World Manila. Since it first opened in Manhattan in 2004, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse now has nine branches in the United States, three in Japan, and one in Korea. Its owner, Wolfgang Zwiener, was considering retirement after serving as the headwaiter at… Continue reading From New York to Manila: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is Here!

An Impressive Buffet at Impressions

 Tired of the usual hotel and restaurant buffets, The Spoiled Mummy decided to take the family to a new place that’s been much talked about. So one Sunday, we headed to Resorts World Manila to try one of their new restaurants called Impressions, which has just launched a Sunday Gourmet Brunch menu.

Of Strawberries and Chocolates: Top Picks

Hi, I am The Spoiled Mummy and I am a foodie. I love food. No actually make that – I am passionate about food! Yes, I love to cook but more importantly, I love to eat! I can eat almost anything that’s edible and of course anything that tastes good excites me!

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