What to Order for Your Holiday Potluck

Tis’ the season for Christmas parties and holiday potlucks! Recently, I’ve discovered a few new delectable dishes (savories and desserts) you can bring to your own celebrations, to share and impress your family and friends! 🙂 I’ve set all these on my table (not all at the same time, of course!) and they’ve all been enjoyed very much.… Continue reading What to Order for Your Holiday Potluck

TSM Homemade Recipe: Enchilada

  Admit it or not, nowadays, most of us Mummies don’t really have the time or the patience to cook. I am definitely one of them! But lately, since the “cooking bug” has bitten me again, I promised myself and the kids that I will try (yes, the word is “try”) to cook dinner for… Continue reading TSM Homemade Recipe: Enchilada

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