When In Italy- Inside the World’s Number 1 : Osteria Francescana

So we finally made it! We made it to the last of my Italy travel posts (a 4-part series, whew!) and so what better way to end it than in the place which gave us the reason to go to Milan! So what really happened here? Let’s see…

The Legend of The French Laundry

We are now at one of Napa Valley’s culinary gems. This also happens to be one of the highlights in our California trip, as it is one of my most memorable culinary adventures thus far! The French Laundry is a French restaurant located in the small town of Yountville in Napa Valley, California. This restaurant with chef and owner… Continue reading The Legend of The French Laundry

Jaan: One of Singapore’s Best

Singapore is a place I frequently visit for many reasons. It is a short 3-hour away plane ride from Manila and we have a couple of family friends here who we love to visit. The place is clean and green, orderly and efficient. And as they say, everything – just about everything – works in… Continue reading Jaan: One of Singapore’s Best

The Spoiled Mummy