Now Open:

We’re marking another milestone for Grace Home with a new website! Finally, after quite some time planning and preparing this, our (virtual) doors are now open. Please bookmark it! The official Grace Home website is at As this little business has grown since last year and over the past months, it has become important… Continue reading Now Open:

The Spoiled Mummy Meets Fancy Kids

There’s a new children’s lifestyle boutique that is making waves these days — and this one’s coming all the way from London! Fancy Kids showcases fresh, independent designers with a focus on high quality and good craftsmanship. Just take a look at what’s on their website: They contacted me for an interview where I spoke about… Continue reading The Spoiled Mummy Meets Fancy Kids

Shop Online for Grace Home at Seek The Uniq

Grace Home has a new exciting partnership! From now on, Grace Home is available on the country’s premier and luxury online shopping site Seek the Uniq! So aside from shopping directly from The Spoiled Mummy blog, you can also get our well-loved Grace Home candles and room fragrances from Seek the Uniq‘s site –

Shopping for our Girls at Chichi Mary

I have a girl. I have a precocious little girl, who is 3 years old, about to turn 4 in a few weeks’ time. She who thinks and acts like she’s 13 going on 14!  She rules our world, to put it mildly.  She is surrounded by two older brothers who adore her to no… Continue reading Shopping for our Girls at Chichi Mary

TSM’s Favorite Things: September 2014

September is about to end… allow me now to share with you a few of my favorite discoveries and happenings for this month. I say September’s favorites list is comprised mainly of two F’s : FOOD and FASHION! 🙂 Here they are :

TSM’s Favorite Things: April 2014

Before this month comes to a close, allow me to share with you The Spoiled Mummy’s Favorite Things for April.  This post will show you a combination of two of my favorite activities : Shopping and Eating! 🙂

Online Shopping at Chichi Mary

Ever since I found out that I was having a girl on my third pregnancy, I was immediately filled with excitement – and panic. Excitement because I have always dreamt of dressing her up in cute little outfits, pastel-colored dresses, frou-frou skirts and fancy mini versions of my own dresses! Meanwhile, I also panicked as… Continue reading Online Shopping at Chichi Mary

Inspiring Woman: Mitshi Rodriguez

Just a brief backgrounder : All stories under our new category, Inspiring Women, will be done through an interview. The question and answer format will give us a clearer and better picture of our cover story since answers will come straight from the interviewee herself. The Spoiled Mummy will only edit as deemed necessary. ——— My very… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Mitshi Rodriguez

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