Inspiring Woman: Michelle Aventajado

It’s been nine years since Michelle Aventajado moved to Manila with her family – and she admits it hadn’t been easy. Born a New Yorker, it took a while to adjust to life in a different country and a different city, not to mention a different culture¬†altogether. Michelle is a hands-on mom to four kids… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Michelle Aventajado

Inspiring Woman: Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco

Our latest inspiring woman is the lady behind the blog, 80 Breakfasts. Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco has been serving up stories, photos, and recipes that have whet the appetites of her followers for ten years now. As with most bloggers, Joey’s life is more than what goes on her blog. There’s work, her family, her kids.… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco

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