My Top 6 Favorite Cakes by Home Bakers

Every end of the month, I compile a list of things that make that month particularly special. More often than not, a dessert makes it to my monthly list of favorite things. And when it comes to desserts, I cannot resist a delicious cake, especially when made by a home baker who puts so much… Continue reading My Top 6 Favorite Cakes by Home Bakers

Osaka: Bright Lights and Good Food

When in Japan, make use of the efficient systems in place. We left Tokyo for Osaka on the Shinkansen train, also known as the bullet train. This line is the transportation artery that links Japan’s three largest metropolitan areas: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

TSM’s Fave Things: March 2015

March is almost over! But before this month comes to an end, here are my favorite things, food and happenings for the merry but busy month of March!

The Spoiled Mummy