In Love with Candles

I mentioned it a couple of posts back on home inspiration—I love candles. That’s not an exaggeration. My home is filled with candles—beautiful, scented candles. (I talked about the Buddhas from Bali, but did any of you notice the two little candles in between them? There they are in the photo above.) There’s something about the… Continue reading In Love with Candles

Filling my Home with Inspiration

As much as I enjoy traveling and discovering new places, I really do love staying at home too. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve put my heart into putting all my personal touches to make it a warm, welcoming and happy place for the family. Mostly, this house is filled with memories and pockets of inspiration. I like… Continue reading Filling my Home with Inspiration

Five Books That Inspire Me

The beginning of the year has been pretty amazing for The Spoiled Mummy. One of my most exciting experiences so far was my first live interview via a video podcast for the show, Live Love Lolz. Then shortly right after that, I made a quick 3-day holiday trip to my favorite city, Hong Kong, to… Continue reading Five Books That Inspire Me

The Spoiled Mummy