Grace Home’s Botanical Collection Throw Pillows

Summer is definitely here … and it looks like it’s here to stay! To help you update the look of your home, why not throw in a couple of new throw pillows? As I have mentioned here on the blog before, changing your throw pillows is the easiest and most practical way to change the… Continue reading Grace Home’s Botanical Collection Throw Pillows

Grace Home’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Yes, the holidays are in full swing and there is simply no more turning back! And just like most of you, I am still writing my own Christmas list — gifts I want to give and gifts I would love to receive! And guess what, I am just halfway there! So in my attempt to help you… Continue reading Grace Home’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016


You may have noticed that it has been a whirlwind past few weeks for Grace Home, as we have continuously been launching new products almost every couple of days… and just yesterday, we held our biggest trunk show to date (more on that in my future post)! So today, allow me to share with you our… Continue reading GRACE HOME’S TROPICAL COLLECTION THROW PILLOWS

In Love with Candles

I mentioned it a couple of posts back on home inspiration—I love candles. That’s not an exaggeration. My home is filled with candles—beautiful, scented candles. (I talked about the Buddhas from Bali, but did any of you notice the two little candles in between them? There they are in the photo above.) There’s something about the… Continue reading In Love with Candles

Filling my Home with Inspiration

As much as I enjoy traveling and discovering new places, I really do love staying at home too. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve put my heart into putting all my personal touches to make it a warm, welcoming and happy place for the family. Mostly, this house is filled with memories and pockets of inspiration. I like… Continue reading Filling my Home with Inspiration

Why I Love to Shop for the Home

  I love shopping… but who doesn’t? Sometimes for fashion or beauty, but more often than not, I enjoy shopping for the home more. Shopping in general is therapeutic, but shopping for the home? Now that’s heaven! From general supply stores to hardwares (!), from furniture shops to small designer boutiques — as long as it’s a… Continue reading Why I Love to Shop for the Home

My Christmas Shopping List

And just like that,  we are now in the middle of December! We are in the midst of the crazy Christmas rush! Just like everyone else, I am scrambling for time and trying my best to fit everything and everyone in my schedule! I am sure most of you are experiencing the same things right… Continue reading My Christmas Shopping List

The Spoiled Mummy’s Kitchen on Marilen.Ph

I hardly write about my personal spaces at home…but when a friend of mine (who is a new mummy blogger) asked me if she can feature my favorite part of the house on her blog, of course I couldn’t say NO. 🙂 Thank you, Marilen for your kind and inspiring words. Click the link here to… Continue reading The Spoiled Mummy’s Kitchen on Marilen.Ph

Inspiring Women: CURA V

  Our next Inspiring Women is a group of five ladies who are friends first then business partners, second. They are the women behind the popular and well-curated lifestyle home and jewelry accessories store, Cura V.   This is one group of ladies filled with so much creativity, enthusiasm and certainly, style. They are women… Continue reading Inspiring Women: CURA V

The Spoiled Mummy