Mamon Recipes (and My First Time as a Guest Speaker)

Last month, The Spoiled Mummy was invited to be a guest speaker for Monde Nissin’s summer bonding event for some of the country’s top Mommy bloggers and their kids. Even though I am still a neophyte blogger (I am only turning 2 this July!) and I get very nervous speaking in public, I jumped on the… Continue reading Mamon Recipes (and My First Time as a Guest Speaker)

My Travel Beauty Essentials

I’m back again from another quick trip. As always, it was a good time to be with family and friends — even though it was very cold! The weather ranged from chilly 4 degrees in the morning to a “slightly better”  7 or 8 degrees in the afternoon. Later in the evening, when we would go… Continue reading My Travel Beauty Essentials

A Superhero’s Birthday Party

Having more than one child also means having to host more than one children’s birthday party in one year.  Since I don’t want to be labeled as a mom who plays “favorites”, this post is dedicated to my second son, my little prince charming, my silly boy, who turned 5. Since I find it quite… Continue reading A Superhero’s Birthday Party

My Basic Beauty Products

  Just like any woman out there, I have my own list of basic beauty products. These are my tried and tested that I have come to love because I have been using them for quite some time. I am a busy mother of 3 juggling a lot of other things, and just like most… Continue reading My Basic Beauty Products

A Big Peanut Butter Fan

I love anything with Peanut Butter. That’s a fact. This is probably the reason why this post took a long time to get published. I am always “researching” – ordering, buying and looking out for any good Peanut Butter finds out there.  And as soon as I try them, I write my review in my little… Continue reading A Big Peanut Butter Fan

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