My Grace Home Journey, So Far

Can it be that Grace Home happened only this year? In the middle of this year, actually? To be technical about it, the preparations and the behind-the-scenes work began only in May of 2015. Still, I feel that Grace Home has been in existence for a very, very long time already! Perhaps this is the best time to catch… Continue reading My Grace Home Journey, So Far

Grace Home: The Big Idea

It still feels unreal that I have my own line of home products. It had been something I had been dreaming about for a long time. And when I pursued the dream, the time I spent making it come true also took some time as well. The idea started crystallizing at the beginning of this… Continue reading Grace Home: The Big Idea

Introducing Grace Home: My Newest Venture

So this happened last night. Ten friends came over for dinner. It was quite an intimate affair, and I was giddy and nervous as the hour approached. I had something special planned, you see.

The Spoiled Mummy