Recipe: Skillet Eggs by Xancho’s Marco Rodriguez

Here’s a simple recipe sent to me by food writer and fellow foodie and home chef, Marco Rodriguez. I’ve written about him and his homecooking business, Xancho, here on the blog before so if you want to take a quick look, click here. This time around, Marco is sharing with us a quick and easy egg recipe… Continue reading Recipe: Skillet Eggs by Xancho’s Marco Rodriguez

TSM Homemade Recipe : Breakfast

  You probably already know how much I look forward to my daily breakfasts, as I’ve written about it in my last post here. I give as much importance to my first meal as I do with my lunch and dinner. I actually believe that this is the meal that will spell the difference in… Continue reading TSM Homemade Recipe : Breakfast

My Best Breakfasts From Around The World

I am not exactly a morning person, but it’s safe to say that I always look forward to my breakfasts! After all, it is my first meal of the day and for someone who loves to eat, that first meal is very, very important. My breakfast is as crucial to me as my lunch and… Continue reading My Best Breakfasts From Around The World

A Different Weekend Brunch at Kasbah

I LOVE WEEKENDS! Really, who doesn’t? Weekends are the 2 days in the week that I relax, chill and just let go! Yes, this is the time when I try not to be stressed about anything and just enjoy being around the Hubby and the kids – without worrying about work and homework. And truth… Continue reading A Different Weekend Brunch at Kasbah

Wild about Wildflour

I am guessing that at least half of you have heard of this newest place in town. And I am guessing too that probably, more than 10 people reading this have been here. Yes, I am talking about the newest It restaurant in Manila, the latest place to see and be seen, the brand-new and… Continue reading Wild about Wildflour

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