TSM Homemade Recipe : Breakfast

  You probably already know how much I look forward to my daily breakfasts, as I’ve written about it in my last post here. I give as much importance to my first meal as I do with my lunch and dinner. I actually believe that this is the meal that will spell the difference in… Continue reading TSM Homemade Recipe : Breakfast

My Best Breakfasts From Around The World

I am not exactly a morning person, but it’s safe to say that I always look forward to my breakfasts! After all, it is my first meal of the day and for someone who loves to eat, that first meal is very, very important. My breakfast is as crucial to me as my lunch and… Continue reading My Best Breakfasts From Around The World

My Birthday Breakfast and Some Desserts

  This post was supposed to be a couple of months ago as my birthday fell on the last week of November… but the mad December rush happened and I got lost in the crazy flurry of the holidays and as a result, I have a lot of backlogs!  So now that it’s almost the… Continue reading My Birthday Breakfast and Some Desserts

An Impressive Buffet at Impressions

 Tired of the usual hotel and restaurant buffets, The Spoiled Mummy decided to take the family to a new place that’s been much talked about. So one Sunday, we headed to Resorts World Manila to try one of their new restaurants called Impressions, which has just launched a Sunday Gourmet Brunch menu.

Fine Dining at The Goose Station

Yes, there exists a fine dining restaurant in Manila and to be quite honest about it, you can probably just count them with one hand. And The Goose Station is one of them. But I have to say this is not your typical snooty, over-the-top, strictly-formal fine dining restaurant, like those you would normally find… Continue reading Fine Dining at The Goose Station

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