Authentic Vietnamese Food

Since I’ve written about this charming place in Danang in my previous post here, I am now sharing with you some of the most authentic dishes I enjoyed while in Vietnam. Vietnam is becoming more and more a “gourmet destination” nowadays. Tourists visit Vietnam for a number of reasons : natural beauty, history, arts and culture. But the… Continue reading Authentic Vietnamese Food

A Charming Place in Danang, Vietnam

It has been a while since I last wrote about a trip that I have made. I love travel and the whole learning experience that I get out of it, but to sort through hundreds of photos and then write about a story… is well — a totally different story altogether. As I was looking… Continue reading A Charming Place in Danang, Vietnam

My 10 Things To Do in 2014

It is already the second week of January … Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday when we celebrated Christmas and the New Year? Time flies and at the beginning of every year, we see everyone wiping their slates clean and making new lists… list of things to do, things to work on and goals to… Continue reading My 10 Things To Do in 2014

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