My Boy’s 7th Birthday: A Lego Movie Party

When my boy turned seven recently, all he wanted to do was watch his favorite The Lego Movie again.  But since turning seven is big in our family (and in Filipino culture in general), the “Mummy guilt”  hit me hard — especially since his last big celebration was his first birthday. So I decided to give… Continue reading My Boy’s 7th Birthday: A Lego Movie Party

A Strawberry Fields Picnic Party

I am in the midst of preparing for another party, so this reminded me that I have neither written nor posted about the last birthday of my little girl when she turned three! So allow me to go back to a few months past and share with you what happened during that sweet and happy day…

A Superhero’s Birthday Party

Having more than one child also means having to host more than one children’s birthday party in one year.  Since I don’t want to be labeled as a mom who plays “favorites”, this post is dedicated to my second son, my little prince charming, my silly boy, who turned 5. Since I find it quite… Continue reading A Superhero’s Birthday Party

The Spoiled Mummy