The Spoiled Mummy Meets Fancy Kids

There’s a new children’s lifestyle boutique that is making waves these days — and this one’s coming all the way from London! Fancy Kids showcases fresh, independent designers with a focus on high quality and good craftsmanship. Just take a look at what’s on their website: They contacted me for an interview where I spoke about… Continue reading The Spoiled Mummy Meets Fancy Kids

Children and Clothes: Using Only The Mildest and Safest for Them

I can get quite meticulous as a mummy. I am the type who enjoys knowing the smaller details and making decisions only after studying them. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the new product I’m developing for my home line, or the food we are preparing for our children’s daily baon to school, or how the household is… Continue reading Children and Clothes: Using Only The Mildest and Safest for Them

Inspiring Woman: Sabrina Uy

Our next Inspiring Woman is Sabrina Uy, the creator, creative director and owner of the country’s leading children’s fashion retail store, Gingersnaps. Although I met Sabrina only recently, I have patronized and loved Gingersnaps from the very beginning – from the time I was pregnant with my first, and that was more than eleven years ago.… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Sabrina Uy

Inspiring Woman: Mitshi Rodriguez

Just a brief backgrounder : All stories under our new category, Inspiring Women, will be done through an interview. The question and answer format will give us a clearer and better picture of our cover story since answers will come straight from the interviewee herself. The Spoiled Mummy will only edit as deemed necessary. ——— My very… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Mitshi Rodriguez

5 Random Things I’m Loving Right Now

  Here are 5 random things I am loving right now…from my sweet food cravings to my recent fashion finds and then to my latest interesting read, here are just a few of my favorite things!

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