Sorry this took a long time coming (blame it on a lot of BIG things that happened in between!) but finally, here comes the edited video and some lovely photos of the last Celebrating GRACEfully workshop with my amazing co-host. life coach Kimi Lu. This was held last February 22 at the elegantly charming Raffles Hotel Makati!

My 5 VALENTINE’S DAY Gift Suggestions

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m sure most of you are now thinking of what to give your special someone.  You know… that special gift that will make his / her heart flutter! So here are some of my suggestions : A perfume to make you smell good for your sweetheart, a moisturizing… Continue reading My 5 VALENTINE’S DAY Gift Suggestions

Beauty and Health in a Bottle

Beauty and health in a bottle? Is this even possible? And how can something so pure and simple — like water — be so potent and powerful that it can turn your health and your life around? With the newest wonder product of The Aivee Group, the Aivee Water, all these are now possible! Last week was… Continue reading Beauty and Health in a Bottle

The Spoiled Mummy