The Only Facial You Need For Ageless Looking Skin : The Madonna Oxylight Facial

So I am “officially” back from my trip in Spain. It was a good holiday, to say the least — lots of sight seeing, shopping and of course, eating! But this post is not about that trip (yet), but rather is about what I did to recover from my skin concerns that became problematic as… Continue reading The Only Facial You Need For Ageless Looking Skin : The Madonna Oxylight Facial


Sorry this took a long time coming (blame it on a lot of BIG things that happened in between!) but finally, here comes the edited video and some lovely photos of the last Celebrating GRACEfully workshop with my amazing co-host. life coach Kimi Lu. This was held last February 22 at the elegantly charming Raffles Hotel Makati!

Vela Shape and Venus Freeze : When Diet and Exercise Are No Longer Enough

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I am quite a “regular” now at The A Institute. I come here quite often, almost every two weeks now (so I can be CONSISTENT) to get my regular body treatments of VelaShape and Venus Freeze. 

Beauty and Health in a Bottle

Beauty and health in a bottle? Is this even possible? And how can something so pure and simple — like water — be so potent and powerful that it can turn your health and your life around? With the newest wonder product of The Aivee Group, the Aivee Water, all these are now possible! Last week was… Continue reading Beauty and Health in a Bottle


It has been almost two months since I last posted on the blog… and boy did I miss it! Well, November was a busy month for most of us and as we all experienced, December was just out-of-this-world, borderline CRAZY!!!

The Most Relaxing and Reviving Facial I’ve Ever Had

This blog post is actually the continuation of my last visit at the new The Aivee Clinic at the Fort… Remember I toured you around the spanking brand new place that looked like a charming little French chateau instead of a dermatological clinic? (That video is right here.) So this time around, let me show you… Continue reading The Most Relaxing and Reviving Facial I’ve Ever Had

The New Aivee Clinic Fort

The newly renovated Aivee Clinic Fort is set to be relaunched in a matter of days — this August 24 to be exact — with a big and star-studded event!  I am quite fortunate to have been one of the lucky few to have seen and experienced this ultra-chic clinic even months before!

Power Shape : To Get Your Shape Back

By now you already know how I am hooked on The A Institute. It has become my comfort zone — my place of rest, beauty and wellness. Here I feel welcome, pampered and really spoiled — yes, like a true spoiled mummy!  And so I am grateful to the amazing husband and wife team behind The A Institute… Continue reading Power Shape : To Get Your Shape Back

The Gold Standard in Facials

You probably know by now how I’ve been going back and forth to Dr. Aivee and Z Teo’s The A Institute. (I first wrote about them here). This has become my happy place, where I seek pampering and comfort after a busy and hectic week!

The Spoiled Mummy