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How to Purchase Grace Home Products

Grace Home Candles FAQsThank you for your interest in Grace Home products!

Please see this set of FAQs to help your shopping. Do come back to this page often as I may have to update this from time to time.

What products are available from Grace Home?

Grace Home recently launched in June 2015, featuring a specially crafted line of home accessories. The latest product is a new candle, launched in November 2015.

Here is the updated list of products for sale:

Grace Home Candles

Specially formulated premium candles that are made of hand-poured, all-natural beeswax and essential oils. They give a completely smokeless burn, burn brighter than other candles, and have a high melting point so they last longer.

In two variants:


  • Rose, talc, and basil. Invokes a feminine charm that combines the notions of romance and motherhood. It comes with a unique marble top (no two marble stones are alike) that is both decorative and practical. This marble top has many uses: as a lid (preserves the scented oils of the candle and makes it last longer), as a coaster (to protect the surface where the lit candle is placed on), and as a snuffer (a safer way to extinguish the flame).
    Price: PHP2,650


  • Vetiver, blood orange, and almond. Earthy, uplifting, and energizing; one that integrates the natural elements of freshness, calmness, and relaxation. Comes in a specially-crafted amber-colored glass.
    Price: PHP2,150

Grace Home Room Fragrances

Specially formulated room fragrances made of fragrance oils sourced directly from Grasse, France, the capital city of fragrances. The production of these follows safety standards of perfumes and room sprays to ensure that your home is safely scented as it is a treat to the senses.


In two specially formulated scents:

  •  Talc and Vanilla is a sweet fragrance that is delicate, calming, and pleasing to the senses.
  •  Olive and Milk is a light and fresh scent that is cheerful, comforting and yet very relaxing.

Price: PHP1,450

Grace Home Paper & Stationery

Grace Home Wrapping Paper

  • Premium quality wrapping paper. Specially designed holiday gift-wrapping paper in shades of pink, grey, and white. Comes in 4 designs and in bundles of 12 each. Available only during the holiday season.
    Price: PHP600 for a bundle of 12, three pieces per design

Grace Home Notebooks

  • Grace Home Paper & Stationery Notebooks. They are gold-stamped on the cover and come in two striped designs: pink-and-white and black-and-white. Each notebook is ring-bound, comes with unlined, special paper.
    Price: PHP500

Curated Products

Grace Home also sells curated products for the home, which are sourced from travels. The last inventory, which was included in the first Trunk Show, featured products from Turkey, such as exquisite teacups, plates, and rugs. (UPDATE: The products from Turkey are now sold out.)

How do I make a purchase?

1. You may place an order for Grace Home products online through  This is the official Grace Home website. Orders must be paid in full for the processing to begin.

Quick links: Shop Grace Home | How to Order

2. Online luxury shop Seek The Uniq carries Grace Home products as well. Online shoppers, especially those who use their credit cards, may like this option too. Find them here.

3. Grace Home products can also be found  at special selling events, such as trunk shows and pop-up shops.

Updates about Grace Home events will be announced on The Spoiled Mummy blog and through the weekly newsletter. (Sign up here!)


Thank you for shopping!

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