What Makes Landers A Superstore?

If you guys have been following my shopping posts on Landers, this is the third and the last of our series! So this photo that you see here is of our hardworking production team combined with Landers’ marketing team! It was a full day of shoot for us that started at 11am and lasted until 9pm — and on a rainy weekday at that — but it was a whole lot of fun! So thank you guys!

So in this third video, I talked about the other things you can do here in Landers. Yes Landers isn’t just all about shopping! They have CAPITAL CARE PHARMACY that gives the most affordable prices for medicines, FEDERAL BARBERS BARBER SHOP that offers free haircut, shampoo and blowdry to its members (amazing is that!), and of course, there’s LANDERS CENTRAL and DOPPIO that have a delicious selection of snacks, coffee and desserts!

I’ve also mentioned in my previous post that Landers members can get exclusive discounts in all Landers-Caltex gasoline stations — and we’re not just talking small discounts here, but BIG fuel discounts to as much as P7 per liter!

Watch the video here :

So now you know why Landers isn’t really just your typical “supermarket”! Aside from giving you the best local and international finds, Landers makes shopping easier and much more enjoyable — because everything is in one extra spacious, well-lit space — with extra facilities to boot (pharmacy, barber shop and the food service area previously mentioned)! All these things and extra perks (and I still can’t get over the fact that they give FREE haircut and blowdry to its members!) are what you don’t normally get in your regular supermarket. Now these are what truly make your shopping trip worth your time and money!

So if there’s one word we can all use to describe Landers? It is definitely a SUPERSTORE!


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Visit the Landers.Ph website for more info!

Landers Superstore has branches in : Balintawak, Otis, Cebu, Alabang West, and ArcoVia City

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