My Top Beauty Secrets : Revealed!

In this interview with Town and Country Philippines, I revealed my beauty secrets… my tried and tested tips and tricks, which hopefully can help a lot of women stay young and beautiful at every stage of their life!

Here are just some of the beauty rules I live by :

  1. Never go to bed with your make up on. Sounds cliché, but very true. Not removing your makeup while sleeping will not only suffocate your skin, it will clog your pores and cause breakout and acne to occur sooner than you think!
  2. Apply SPF daily — even when you are just staying at home. The lights inside the house emit UV rays and we all know that the number one cause of skin aging is UV radiation. So applying sunscreen should not be looked at as something you only do when you go to the beach, but rather, it should be something as natural as brushing your teeth daily.
  3. Never leave the house without any “eyebrows” on! We all know the famous (Filipino millenial) saying nowadays that, “Kilay is life!”, and indeed, I find this to be very true. Most of us (including myself) were not born with perfectly nice and shapely eyebrows — which is why eyebrow pencils were invented! Wearing “no eyebrows” makes us look plain, dull and gives us somehow an “empty-looking face”. So yes, this is simply a fact of life : we just have to learn how to add (or deduct) and re-shape our eyebrows in the best way we possibly can!
  4. Sweat it out as often as possible. Exercise is not the easiest and the most comfortable thing to do (I struggle a lot in this area, believe me!), but the detoxifying effects of our physcial activity and the sweat that go with it surely do wonders for our skin!
  5. Use a very good eye cream. As soon as you hit your 30’s, this is the best time to use eye cream day and night. And believe me, your eye bags will thank you for it when you hit 70! My favorite right now is the La Mer The Eye Balm Intense.
  6. Stay firm. Through time, our natural aging process will cause our skin to sag. And the best and most effective skin firming treatment I’ve had so far is the ULTHERAPY from The Aivee Clinic — it strenghtens the fiber beneath the skin and improves our natural collagen.

Want to get more of my beauty tips and tricks? Read more of this fun interview here.

Thank you Town and Country Philippines!

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  1. These are some great beauty tips. It’s so funny to think of getting your sweat on as a beauty tip but I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t wonders to help detox the body and get younger looking and glowing skin. It’s the best beauty secret I know!

  2. These are some incredible excellence tips. It’s so amusing to consider getting your perspiration on as a marvel tip however I can’t help but concur. It doesn’t miracles to help detox the body and get more youthful looking and gleaming skin.

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