The Spoiled Mummy Goes Shopping in Landers!

I have always loved grocery shopping! I think most moms (and even some dads out there?) will agree with me that this is one of the things that we look forward to doing during the weekends! It really is (and should be) a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for us all — and not stress inducing, please!

Since there are many supermarkets and grocery stores out there to choose from, where do you end up going? In my case, since I like to take my time and enjoy the full shopping experience, I love going to Landers — the Alabang branch in particular. The aisles are well lit and wide open, the shelves are properly organized, the merchandise display is always up-to-date and attractive (not to mention, very enticing), AND thus it makes me want to shop more!

Best of all, there are so many things, both food and non-food items that you can get here at Landers at such great value — which you really can’t find anywhere else!

So yes, Landers isn’t just your typical supermarket. Aside from it being a membership superstore (which gives a lot of perks and freebies to its members), it also has its own in-house food outlet, pharmacy and barber shop. This simply means convenience for us customers, so we can accomplish so many things easily — in one place and in one go!

So here’s my short video to show you how much I enjoyed shopping here in Landers!

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