Taste By Grace Home’s Best Seller Cheese Pairing Jam is Now Bigger!

Aside from Taste by Grace Home’s three new and healthy products which we recently launched here, thanks to your constant feedback and suggestions — I am also re-launching something from my first line… something that you guys have been asking for!

Taste by Grace Home’s best-selling Cheese Pairing Jam, the Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey has now been upsized to a bigger 300 gram size!

Now you don’t have to worry about finishing your smaller jam in one sitting!

This unique jam can be a great pair with your cheese and charcuterie platter, a delicious glaze over your oven-baked ham and a scrumptious filling for your grilled cheese sandwiches too! It also makes a delicious side dish or relish for your grilled or roasted meats, and a flavorful topping for your plain cheesecake or panna cotta as well!

Use it any which way you like and it will surely elevate your ordinary dishes to something tastier and more luxurious!

But fret not, our classic Cheese Pairing Jam Set with our signature three one-of-a-kind combinations (Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey, Black Grapes and Pistachios with French Butter, and Two Tomatoes with Habaneros and Sage) is still available! This will never go away as these three jams are wonderful accents to have on your cheese and dessert table, as well as they make for unique gifts, giving your recipients more flavors to choose from!

So there you have it! Taste by Grace Home has now more delicious and healthy food items for you, your family and friends to love!

To order : please click the link here. 

To read about our three newest products : please click this link. 

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