My Top 10 Finds in Landers

In my last shopping trip in Landers Alabang (as seen here), I went home with bags full of my favorite things as well as some new products I recently discovered!

So here’s the continuation of our series… Watch this short video clip to show you my TOP 10 FINDS here in LANDERS!

As mentioned in my previous post, what I really love about Landers is that it is well-organized and has wide and well-lit aisles, two very important features I look for in a supermarket — or in this case, a superstore! I was also happy to know that every single item I was looking for — I found it here! The best part? I got them all at lower prices!

And aside from giving you a more comfortable shopping experience with better deals, if you are a Landers member, you can bring a maximum of 5 adult non-members as guests and children come in for free!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there! There are more membership perks such as, Landers members who fuel up in any of the Landers-Caltex gas station can avail of these fuel discounts :

  • P7.00 off per liter on Platinum
  • P7.00 off per liter on Silver
  • P4.00 off per liter on Diesel

Now that’s a lot of savings, don’t you think?!

So yes, shopping has never been this convenient, easy and fun… so I shall definitely be back for more! See you guys in Landers! 

To watch the rest of my shopping series in Landers, click below :

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What Makes Landers A Superstore?

To become a Landers member, click the link here.

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