Introducing : Taste By Grace Home’s New Line of Healthy Food Products

And so it’s finally here! What I have been “secretly” working on for the past 6 months or so… is now officially launched!

It was exactly a year ago (August 2017) when I launched my artisanal food line, Taste by Grace Home. Thanks to your amazing support, Taste (as it is fondly called now) is doing well and thriving even amidst the challenges of a start-up food business and the growing competition! With that said, I am proud to say that I am even adding a delicious twist to our food line!

Introducing Taste by Grace Home’s new line of healthy food products : three new products that promise to be as good and as tasty as the first line — but now, it’s even healthier!

So what are these 3 new additions?

1) Spiced Rosemary Honey with Pink Peppercorns (made from our local Palawan organic honey)

2) Organic Tomatoes and Kaffir Lime Chutney (vegan and gluten-free)

3) Organic Spinach and Mushroom Chimichurri  (vegan and gluten-free)      

This healthy line of condiments with products that are organic, vegan and gluten-free, promises to elevate your ordinary everyday dishes to something healthy, flavorful, and yes, with pun intended — tasty! I sourced the ingredients locally from our organic farms, while the herbs and spices were from my buying trips in different parts of the world!


Why did I come up with a Spiced Rosemary Honey, you ask? This is because I wanted to create something unique and special, and not just your typical plain honey that is commonly seen in the market today. I wanted to give you guys something one-of-a-kind and truly versatile!

This Spiced Rosemary Honey can be used as a glaze or as a topping for anything — be it on your savory or sweet dishes!  It adds an instant flavor upgrade to your otherwise common dishes like fried chicken, pizza, salads, cheese, cold cuts, and even desserts like plain cheesecake and panna cotta.

My kids’ favorite version though is using it atop their crispy fried chicken — something that reminds them of a famous Korean fried chicken recipe. But of course I say, this is your much better, tastier and healthier option since it is our local organic honey (and not some artificial sweetener or flavoring) is used.

And as for the Organic Spinach Mushroom Chimichurri and Organic Tomatoes & Kaffir Lime Chutney? I attribute this to my knack for combining unexpected flavors and tastes! I tweaked the standard chimichurri taste — from the usual parsley-garlic dip, and turned it into a nice, flavorful medley of organic spinach, mushrooms, truffles and garlic, and then added a sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt on top!

Meanwhile, the chutney as we know, is a traditionally spiced-sweetish condiment from India, with a combination of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar. My version called the Organic Tomatoes and Kaffir Lime Chutney, is characteristically refined and savory, as I combined the distinct citrus-floral notes of kaffir lime leaves with zesty organic tomatoes, seasoned it with paprika and then infused it all within the finest extra virgin olive oil!

So if you liked our first batch of homemade products : the well-loved Cheese Pairing Jams, Quattro Formaggio and Manchego Curado Cheese Spreads, Organic Chicken Liver Paté and our 70% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough, then I guarantee you will love this three new condiments even more!

How to serve them?

I’ve tried and tested these condiments with fried fish, grilled pork, roasted chicken as well as steak too, and I myself was surprised how they work so well together! And as I was trying different food combinations, I  also realized that I can turn this Chutney into a delicious and hearty tomato soup just by simmering it with hot water, and the Chimichurri into a spinach cheese dip just by mixing it with cream cheese!


Meanwhile, the Honey aside from it being the perfect complement to everybody’s favorite fried chicken,  can also be turned into a special vinaigrette or salad dressing just by adding vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to it!

Of course, you can eat all these condiments on its own too – just spoon it out and have it as a dip with your favorite crackers, chips or pita bread or top it on your warm toasted bread or bruschetta!


In true “Spoiled Mummy” fashion, this new line of Taste by Grace Home introduces a new packaging design too — showing you that every little detail  counts! The new color combo of sage green and black points to the new product line’s healthy ingredients, reinforcing my own commitment as a health-conscious mom myself.

I’ve always loved food and Taste by Grace Home is all about my love for food — food that’s delicious, easy to prepare and healthy, so everyone – especially our children, can enjoy them as much as they want, without us having to worry about it! Gone are the days when we would just buy whatever we find in the supermarket without checking the labels. Nowadays, we all want to know the source of our food, where the ingredients are from, and if it’s clean or organic and most importantly, if it’s fresh. And I am proud to say that right from the very beginning, Taste by Grace Home’s food products have only been using the freshest and most natural ingredients — no additives, no preservatives and no artificial flavoring at all.

More than just being known online as your “lifestyle blogger” or as a “social media influencer” (I don’t even know what exactly that term means!), Taste by Grace Home is me — showing another side of me. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. This is my baby and my passion project rolled into one.  I love creating products that work. I find joy in giving customers what they want. But more than all these, those who know me well enough say that I also have this particular knack or gift… this gift of creating new things and combining unexpected flavors and tastes, and then connecting it with people – and turning it around into something distinctly special and truly memorable!

To order, please click this link here.

Taste by Grace Home will also be available in Artefino this coming August 30 to September 2 at 8 Rockwell. See poster located on the sidebar of the blog for details.

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