Get Spoiled At Kallista : A Celebrating GRACEfully Workshop

And the dynamic duo is back!

But first of all, allow me to apologize for blogging about this event only now! A lot of things have happened here and there, coupled with the fact that I was gone for more than a month for our annual family holiday. So yes, this explains why my writing sort of took a back seat these last couple of weeks!

The good news is, I am finally sharing with you all what happened in our last Positivity Workshop, co-hosted by our vibrant and lovely life coach, Kimi Lu!

This third run (I still can’t believe this is our 3rd now!) of Celebrating GRACEfully, the Positivity Workshop happened last June 8 at the Kallista Pampering Lounge in Conrad Hotel’s S Maison.

We had a total of only 8 guests (YES, 8!!!) — not only because we wanted our guests to fully enjoy our charming spa venue, but more so because we wanted this workshop to be more personal and yes, more intimate.

This third in our series was entitled, Get Spoiled at Kallista! It was the perfect place for these busy ladies to meet new friends, take a much needed break from their usual routine, and most importantly, learn more about self-care and self-love in a holistic way.

And of course, it was the expertise of our well-loved life coach Kimi Lu, that led us all to several meaningful exercises and group activities. We all learned effective ways of caring for ourselves better and holistically… in a mind-body-spirit kind of way.

Meanwhile, I also shared my thoughts and insights on how we can improve ourselves and learn to be more grateful and positive, especially amidst life’s crazy challenges.

Here’s a short video to show you some snippets of that fun and meaningful afternoon :

It was indeed a very interactive and intimate workshop that helped us all have a better appreciation of ourselves and our holistic well-being.

And at the end, all had this “revelation” that in order for us to give more to those around us, we must first learn to love ourselves — in our entirety, including our imperfections and flaws!

Here are more photos of our guests getting truly spoiled at the Kallista Pampering Lounge!

Our biggest gratitude to our event’s sponsors : Kallista Pampering Lounge for the venue,  The Homeground Ph for our delicious merienda spread and  Cocoon Studio, for our lovely photos!

Kimi and I would also like to give our special thanks to our friends (click on their names to see to their links!) :

Bulgarian Rose PH

7 Grains

Easy Cures

Yoga Love

Thank you for providing our guests with your lovely products!

Last but not the least, we would like to give a big shout out to these 8 amazing ladies for joining us in this intimate afternoon of women bonding, women talk and yes, WOMEN POWER!

Remember ladies : NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS US… LIKE US! So go and find your tribe, and yes, love them hard!

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We will be having our next Positivity Worskshop soon, so do drop us an email or leave us a comment below so you can get updated! Till the next one! 🙂

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