Crazy Easy Travels With My Family With Traveloka

Travelling is our family’s biggest passion. Since my kids were born, they have always traveled with me wherever I go — from our beautiful islands to far flung exotic places! I’m lucky that they share the same passion in travelling as much as I do — and even enjoy long haul flights!

So if you have been following me around through my Instagram, you probably know how it has been a crazy past 2 months of travelling for me! When the kids’ school year ended last June, the whole family immediately took off! We went around the world — quite literally!

We started off our summer holiday in Macau (I was there to attend the grand launch of Morpheus), followed by our big Euro trip to Iceland, England and Scotland! Then as soon as we landed back home, we just had time to unpack and we had to pack again for a week’s stay in Singapore for the kids’ sports camps! So yes, you can say we are one crazy family — as we can’t stay put in one place! 🙂

So as you can see, it was really a whirlwind of a summer break for us, and one that we really enjoyed! But you can also imagine how it was crazy busy and hectic for us too — as we moved around from city to city and from hotel to hotel! Oh boy…!!!

Thank goodness I discovered the TRAVELOKA app which made managing our travel schedule so much easier! From booking our crazy number of flights to looking for hotels with the best deals, TRAVELOKA got us covered!

With this ease of convenience we now have discovered, I can’t wait to take these little travel bugs with me again to our next crazy destination! Any clues where we will go next?!!

Watch this short and fun video clip I made with the kiddos! 🙂

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