Town and Country’s First Digital Cover

June must be my lucky month… and red must be my lucky color! Because up to this day, I still couldn’t believe my luck that I made it to Town and Country’s cover!

And allow me to say that this is not your ordinary cover — as this is the prestigious magazine’s FIRST ever digital cover! Truly, a huge honor for me. I am very grateful for this privilege of being able to share my story to a bigger audience.

“A good message will always stand on its own, and will always draw attention to its creator. In the virtual world of fleeting “likes,” those who make their work the driving force for their image and influence are just extra special.” — Town and Country Philippines

Click the link here to read my interview! 

To be honest, I never even considered myself as a “social media maven” or a “big influencer”. Really, there are more women out there with thousand more followers, with glittering celebrity appeal and with thousand more likes! Because really, who am I? I am just like most of you here — a mom first and foremost… a mom who goes through the same things just like any other mom out there. But I am also a mom who has found her voice, her calling and her passion in this crazy, pressure-driven and ever-evolving social media world.

I am grateful to each and every reader here on the blog (yes, that’s you reading this now!) and follower on Instagram— that no matter how little our numbers may seem to be here (in the grand scheme of things), your genuine and solid support sustain me, encourage me, push me and make me believe that yes, I can actually do more. Thank you!

I welcome June with a very big and grateful heart!

Sharing with you some more amazing photos from the shoot :

Thank you to the whole Town and Country Philippines team led by Yvette Fernandez, Alicia Sy, Carole Tagle and Nicole Limos for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you Joseph Pascual for your amazing photos.

Thank you Pong Niu and Patty Inojales for my lovely hair and makeup.

Working with you guys was such a breeze and a wonderful experience I will never forget!


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