I’m A Rockwellist Mom!

Yes, I am a Rockwellist Mom through and through! And what does this mean?

PowerplantMall.com recently did an interview to find out more about my long-term relationship (read : since forever) with Rockwell, the community where I started my family and the community which has been taking care of us since 15 years ago and — until today!

Here are the excerpts from that interview, where I also gave some insider tips about Rockwell!

How long have you been a Rockwellist?
I’ve been a Rockwellist since 2003 – that makes me one of the oldest here in Rockwell! That’s a total of 15 years. We lived here from 2003-2006. Moved to our house right across Rockwell in 2006 but even then (and till now) we consider Rockwell to be our home as we’re practically here every single day!

What do you love most about Rockwell?
We love Rockwell because everything is here! From the mall (where we have the supermarket, the cinema, our favorite stores for shopping and the Church where we hear Mass) down to the Rockwell Club where we do our leisure activities (gym, spa, kids’ classes and sports activities) — everything we practically need is here! Aside from this convenience, Rockwell is also one of the cleanest, most orderly and safest communities in the metro!

Favorite eating haunts?
Mamou, Ooma, Rambla, Dean & DeLuca, Shawa Wama, the newly opened Wild Flour, and of course, Pinkberry for the kids!

Favorite Shops?
Harlan and Holden, Zara, Uniqlo, Gingersnaps

Activities when you’re at the mall?
Shop, eat and repeat!

What’s the best part about living close to the mall?
CONVENIENCE. Everything is within reach!

Insider tip?
Shop for your clothes and even groceries during the weekdays and off-peak hours, that way there’ll be less people. Avoid pay day weekends at all times!

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Special thanks to : Anne Bella and Monica Savellano!

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