At Savage, It’s Back to Basics

Another new restaurant just opened in the metro and this time around — it’s not some Frenchie affair or an all-day brunch cafe or a fusion restaurant of some sorts. Rather, it’s about going back to basics.

After closing his ultra-modern restaurant The Test Kitchen, The Bistro Group’s Executive Chef, Josh Boutwood is now back with a vengeance — and this time around, it has a unique, one-of-a kind concept with a very millenial and trendy name at that : Savage.

Savage is an open-fire restaurant where dishes are cooked quite differently from how it is normally done these days. Here, cooking returns to its pre-industrial roots, over a grill heated by firewood and wood charcoal.

Remember the good ‘ol days when gas and electric stoves did not exist? Humans back then cooked food over open fire and wood charcoal – it was very simple and yet effective, as it gave dishes that nice, smoky flavor. And that’s what this restaurant aims to give its diners: real taste and yes, definitely real flavor.

“When it comes to Savage’s menu, sourcing locally, understanding the provenance and working with zero waste are not marketing tag lines. They are our bible, our way of thinking. In the end, the ingredient here is the king.” says Chef Josh Boutwood. 

Done in industrial chic design. this 60-seater restaurant is redefining the experience of the grill. Savage does away with the modern conveniences of the professional kitchen, opting to return to pre-industrial cooking methods using fire, smoke and ash.

The menu is quite small compared to most restaurants in the metro, but it is very well-curated. The dishes here do not fall under a certain category or cuisine, but rather, they are named according to the way they are prepared. And that is another quality that makes this restaurant pre-industrial.

Here are the dishes I was able to try :

Devilled eggs with smoked oil & ash

Fresh burrata cheese with chive oil & confit heirloom tomatoes

House bread with 2 kinds of butter : burnt and kelp

Barramundi with arugula, preserved lemon & olives

The open fire grill

Rib eye with charred onions Charred leeks with burnt butter

And now for the desserts :

Meringue with strawberries & vanilla cream

Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Kladdkaka (aka traditional Swedish chocolate cake)

Savage is indeed a pre-industrial cuisine restaurant stripped down to its basics. No modern equipment or technology to boast of, no gas or electricity to rely on. It’s simply all about wood, smoke and ash.

Who would have thought that a restaurant this basic can still exist in today’s modern and fast-paced times? Here, the focus simply goes back to what is essential : the INGREDIENTS.

And I have to say, this new restaurant certainly delivered to its hype. While the cooking methods they use are primal, each dish that came out was beautiful and flavorful in its own right. Portions are big, so guests are encouraged to share. But it was not so in my case… as I did not bother sharing them at all!

Yes I came here with a savage appetite — and I suggest you do too.


G/F The Plaza, Arya Residences, Mckinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila

0915 333 9456

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