An Inspiring Interview With A Travel Videographer : Serica Rojas

It’s been a while since I last featured a person on the blog… so this is quite special!

Serica Rojas is someone whom I have worked with for the past two years, and has become a friend of mine. She describes herself as a “female travel videographer” whose mission is to inspire women to travel and live a life well-lived through her magical and cinematic approach to producing video content for social media.

She has done a lot of amazing videos for companies and brands, and that includes for The Spoiled Mummy blog and Grace Home Manila’s Taste by Grace Home.  

So this video interview is sort of me turning the tables around for her. This time, she is in front of the camera with me!

Listen to our fun chit chat about work, life and everything in between!


As you can see, Serica’s style is very different from the usual videos we see out there. And this is what I love most about her work! Her approach is very feminine and yet her technical expertise in film-making is very evident as well.

Check the other fun videos we have made together by clicking the link here. 

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