The Only Facial You Need For Ageless Looking Skin : The Madonna Oxylight Facial

So I am “officially” back from my trip in Spain. It was a good holiday, to say the least — lots of sight seeing, shopping and of course, eating! But this post is not about that trip (yet), but rather is about what I did to recover from my skin concerns that became problematic as soon I got back home!

Since the trip involved a lot of walking under the sun and sudden drops in temperature at night, my skin also suffered from these drastic changes. I noticed dry, red patches on my cheeks started appearing. The change in time zone didn’t help as well, wreaking havoc on my sleep routine and therefore, creating bigger and darker eyebags PLUS giving me one or two pimples here and there! And of course, the diet — or the lack thereof — tripled all my skin problems!

So yes, I did enjoy this beautiful holiday but my skin also suffered in return… By the time I arrived home, skin pigmentation brought about by constant sun exposure became more evident! So what did I do? I ran straight to the A Institute to try their newest and most innovative facial yet, the MADONNA OXYLIGHT FACIAL! 

*Yes it is named after the celebrity as this facial is one of the things she gets done regularly — no wonder she looks ageless!*

The Madonna Oxylight Facial is now known as the new standard in facials. It is THE total workout for the face as it combines all science-backed treatments into one amazing session! In six easy steps, this facial delivers innovative technology that combines pure oxygen and light, increasing the benefits of treatment and shortening recovery time. It is good for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, hyper pigmentation, enlarged/clogged pores and sagging skin. It helps with our lymphatic drainage, tightening of the skin and collagen production. In short, this facial battles all our skin and aging concerns!

Watch my short video here to find out how it is done :

Here are the 6 steps of the Madonna Oxylight Facial and its benefits :

STEP 1 : Diamond Dermabrasion – deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

STEP 2 : Negative Pressure Therapy or Lymphatic Cleansing – stimulates lymphatic flow and removes toxins from the body

STEP 3 : High Pressure Oxygen Spray – delivers moisture rich oxygen onto the deepest layer of the skin

STEP 4 : Myolight Microcurrent – provides instant toning and contouring deep below the facial muscles

STEP 5: Biosonix Ultrasound – delivers vitamins and nutrients through the phonophoresis process

STEP 6 : Full Spectrum LED Panel – provides photodynamic reactions that are absorbed in your facial tissue, replacing older and damaged cells. This is the most relaxing step of all as it stimulates oxygen, improves the appearance of sun damage, increases the toughness of capillary vessels, reduces inflammation and irritation, kills bacteria and improves overall complexion!

As you can see, only cutting-edge technologies and all-natural elements are used with the Madonna Oxylight Facial. It heals, rejuvenates and repairs our skin in one session — and this is exactly just what I needed after a long trip away from home!

Now my skin looks and feels so much better, tighter and yes, healed and rejuvenated too… No more signs of holiday stress here!

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  1. Your skin looks really bright and glowing! I would love to treat my mom to a date in that facial. We have different skin tones but I would love to achieve a glowing skin like yours.

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