The First Miele Fashion Brunch

A few weeks back, I was given the chance to host global German brand Miele’s first ever Fashion Brunch in the Philippines held at the well-appointed Miele showroom in Focus Global Inc’s building in BGC.

This event was to highlight Miele W1T1’s revolutionary washer and dryer, something which I have been using for almost a year now and I must say, something I’m quite impressed with.

In fact, I’ve written about these machines before when it was newly launched in the market. Read about it here and here.

Since this event was a fashion brunch, Miele collaborated with Len Cabili, a world-class Filipino designer who is now making a name around the world with her very unique Filipino designs and craftsmanship.

In fact, the skirts we both wore on that day were from her brand, Filip + Inna. They were hand embroidered beautifully by our local artisans from the T’boli tribe up north.

I enjoyed sharing my own experience with the Miele W1T1 Washer and Dryer and had fun giving away some raffle prizes too!

There were several stations where guests can walk around and learn more about these state-of-the-art machines that now set the new standard in clean!

There are 3 things that the Miele W1T1 Washer and Dryer are best known for : superb cleaning performance, gentle fabric care and impressive user convenience.

Did you know that five years of research and millions of Euros were spent to redefine this duo? And as we know, Miele the German brand,  has always stood for innovation which is reflected in the quality of their products. They have been here since 1899, so they’ve been improving consumers’ quality of life for more 119 years now!

This Miele washer is so innovative because it guides you on how to wash your laundry — without mistake. It’s definitely what you call a smart machine because it is idiot proof!

It uses a TwinDos system that automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time! No underdosing or overdosing of detergents, so your clothes surely come out clean and well-cared for.

Our mentality is that if we use more detergent, it’s better for our clothes. But this is actually not the case! Not only do we waste money on using more detergents, we also end up harming our clothes (and our environment) rather than cleaning and caring for them!

This innovative machine also uses Miele Capdosing which focuses on taking care of your special items. There is SilkCare, WoolCare, Outdoor, Sport and Down, among many other things. So your wool sweaters and down jackets, and even the silk dresses and scarves that you wear to special events can now be washed and cared for properly at home by your own washing machine — saving you a lot of money so you don’t need to send them anymore to the professional cleaners!

Here is a short video showing you the very impressive features of the Miele W1T1 Washer and Dryer :


It was a lovely morning filled with talk — and lots of friends, fashion and yes, food!

Of course, TASTE BY GRACE HOME was there to provide guests some extra treats!

And here is a short video of what happened in the Miele Fashion Brunch event :

With designer Len Cabili and Melissa Ah, Miele’s Brand Manager.

With Len Cabili and Loli Sy, Executive Vice President for Focus Global Inc, the exclusive distributor of Miele in the Philippines.

Once again, grateful for the opportunity to be working with the very best!

*If you remember, I was sent to Berlin by Miele to represent the Philippines and attend the world launch of the world’s smartest oven! That was surely one incredible experience I wrote about here and here.

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