My 5 VALENTINE’S DAY Gift Suggestions

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m sure most of you are now thinking of what to give your special someone.  You know… that special gift that will make his / her heart flutter!

So here are some of my suggestions : A perfume to make you smell good for your sweetheart, a moisturizing cream to make your skin supple to the touch, two kinds of desserts to sweeten your love even more, and a bottle of pure hydrogen water to wash it all down with the big bonus of giving you a longer and healthier life together — and yes, hopefully forever!!!

Now, who wouldn’t want to receive all these lovely gifts this Valentine’s Day?

DIPTYQUE’s newest perfumes 

Diptyquea Paris-based luxury goods company that produces a high-end line of scented candles, perfumes, face and body care has just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark this celebration, the parfumerie also launched not just one, but two new fragrances (proudly, genderless too, aka it can be used by both men and women), developed by perfumer Olivier Pescheux.

The Tempo Perfume has patchouli as its theme.  Additional notes include bergamot, violet leaf, clary sage, mate, and pink pepper. This has a bit of a floral scent to it — but not overpowering.

I personally love the balance created by the citrus-y bergamot to the strong patchouli scent. I think this has a good mix of sweet and spicy notes –the perfect fragrance to wear on your Valentine’s date!

The Fleur de Peau Perfume is a musk-themed fragrance with rose, iris, pink pepper and ambergris notes. This has a very fresh and light scent to it, thanks to the rose and iris notes inside the bottle. But I must say, this is also one classic fragrance that leaves you a smooth and velvety scent –a lingering scent that can be both sexy and romantic… all because of the musk base note in them!

Diptyque Fragrances are available in Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangrila, Rustan’s Alabang Town Center, Rustan’s Cebu, Adora Greenbelt 5 and Diptyque Boutique Central Square. 

SISLEY’s Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

The name alone of this skincare product from French skincare brand Sisley:  the “Black Rose” is more than enough to convince me that this is something all the ladies would want to receive.  The Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream is a lightweight moisturizing cream that hydrates, smoothens and moisturizes the skin while improving its radiance and luminosity.

The Black Rose range of Sisley is known for 3 things : its wonderful sensory texture, its delicate yet addictive fragrance and its effectiveness in keeping the skin young and fresh. In short, the Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream is both a sensorial and textural delight! And the effect? It will make your skin radiant, plump and supple to the touch! Now who wouldn’t want that —  especially if you know you are going to be very close with your special someone in this season of love?

Sisley is available in Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangrila. 

LE SUCRE LAB’s box of chocolates

Who doesn’t love receiving a box of chocolates? Whether on Valentine’s Day or not, anyone would surely be so giddy with excitement to receive this Klasik Collection from Le Sucre Lab. One box contains a delicious assortment of fresh, handcrafted premium chocolates made by local chocolatier, Marvin Bagube. 

Being a (dark) chocoholic myself, you can bet I finished all the dark chocolates inside this box in one sitting (yes, in 5 minutes!) And as for the rest of the chocolates in the box, ie. the white and the milk chocolates? Oh, I gave them to my kids and hubby… because sharing is also caring! 😉

Call Le Sucre Lab – 0926-0510-892

SOUTHERN DAIRY’s homemade gelato

Speaking of sweet treats, if you and your darling are into ice cream and gelato (just like my kids and I are), here’s a home-based gelateria I recently discovered.  Southern Dairy is a neighborhood shop in BF Homes Paranaque that offers an all-day dining menu, and also churns out some of the freshest and creamiest gelato we have ever tried! My favorites are the ones you see in this photo (L-R): Cranberries, Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Oreo.

So if you are in the area or looking for a different place to take your date this Valentine’s week, why not visit Southern Dairy restaurant for a nice and cozy breakfast or brunch date? And while you’re at it, you might as well take home some of their really delicious gelato. Trust me, you’ll never regret it!

 Southern Dairy is in 273 Aguirre Ave BF Homes Paranaque; Tel no. +632-503-4809.


I recently attended The Aivee Group’s launch of its wonder water, called the Aivee Water. And since then, I’ve only been drinking my water from this sleek and portable blue bottle. (Yes, I carry them with me now wherever I go!)  And why not when the benefits are for both beauty and health?

Drinking hydrogen-rich water is so good for our skin because of its anti-oxidants — it rejuvenates our skin and gives it that youthful glow. It also increases our metabolism, helping us lose weight. (We all want this of course!) But more than anything else, the molecular hydrogen we get from drinking the Aivee Water reduces inflammation, helps prevent 170+ diseases (Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s to name a few) and strengthens our immune system. Surely, this is the best gift you would like to give to someone you truly care about!

Get your Aivee Water now in Aivee Clinics. Click here for the branches. 

And to read my last post about the Aivee Water, go to this link here. 

Wishing you all a nice, sweet and love-filled Valentine’s! Stay spoiled, mummies! xxx

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