Beauty and Health in a Bottle

Beauty and health in a bottle? Is this even possible?

And how can something so pure and simple — like water — be so potent and powerful that it can turn your health and your life around?

With the newest wonder product of The Aivee Group, the Aivee Water, all these are now possible!

Last week was the much talked about launch of this breakthrough product, the Aivee Water. It was held at the posh Sala restaurant of chef-restaurateur Colin MacKay.

And as expected from Drs. Z and Aivee Teo, the dynamic couple behind The Aivee Group, the event was as stylish and as chic as it can be!

We were treated to a sumptuous feast with blue and white coordinated tableware, flowers and glassware.

During our meals, we were also given our first taste of the pure and powerful Aivee Water.


So what is Aivee Water, really?

Simply put, this sleek portable Aivee Water device with its unique H+Technology mechanism, will transform your normal drinking water to hydrogen-rich water.

And why is hydrogen so important? Molecular Hydrogen plays a very important role in healing our bodies. Drinking hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammation, helps prevent more than 170 diseases like Diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, strengthens our immune system, increases our metabolism, aids in weight loss and keeps our skin young and rejuvenated because of its amazing anti-oxidants.

Here’s even more good news : while other hydrogen water bottles are popping up in the market these days claiming to be producing hydrogen rich water too, the Aivee Water is scientifically proven to produce the highest concentration of hydrogen particles! Technically speaking, the Aivee Water produces 900 parts per billion of Molecular Hydrogen-rich water, while the others can only make 300 to 600 parts per billion. And this is because of the bottle’s unique H+ Molecular Technology.

“Because we believe that water is life, and the RIGHT water is the key to a healthier life.” — Doctors Z and Aivee Teo on the main reason why they developed this product.

Other guests seen at the launch :

Heart Evangelista and Cat Antonio
Karen Davila
Anna Sobrepena
Joanna Preysler-Francisco
Ferdi Salvador and Cat Antonio
Dr. Z Teo
Dr. Aivee Teo

What is the bottle made of, you ask?

A product of Japanese technology, this sleek blue portable device is something that everyone can carry around everywhere  — from home to school, office, the gym and to everywhere in between! It is made of a lightweight, durable and resilient high-grade plastic material (PETG Technology, NSF Certified, BPA Free) that won’t break easily and shatter into little glass pieces when accidentally dropped. It was designed so we can carry it around and even travel with it, without worry!

The bottle also has superior-heat handling and shock-resistant ability, and even has a lower “cradle-to-grave” environmental impact than most metal sports bottles out there — which means it requires less energy to process and is more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, the inside mechanism is made of pure titanium plates that will withstand corrosion, unlike other hydrogen water bottles that use metal plates that corrode easily and emit chlorine, causing more damage and health issues. 

Because of the Aivee Water’s holistic potential, the pure and simple water can now be transformed into something more potent and powerful.

With The Aivee Clinics’ newest product, it really is not just about skin anymore. It’s about LIFE.

Upgrade your water, Upgrade your life. 

And I couldn’t agree more.

Aivee Water is now available in all Aivee Clinics in the Philippines and Singapore.

For more info, go to the Aivee Clinic website, or click here.

Or email them at :


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