And as with anything I conceptualize and develop for Taste by Grace Home, the details — from ingredient selection to kitchen production, down to packaging — these are all marked with my utmost care, precision and attention.

I am a stickler for pretty packaging and ribbons, no doubt. But I also want my packaging to be useful and practical. So with these things in mind, I developed TASTE BY GRACE HOME’s packaging to be not only charming and delightful but also to be handy, functional and yes — reusable!

Since the holiday season is already around the corner and we are all starting to feel the rush (even though I know some us are still in denial)… we know for a fact that Christmas is indeed coming very soon! And with this (scary) thought, we can’t help but think already of what to give us our presents!

And I say what better gift to give than the gift of food — which everyone simply enjoys giving and receiving! Food as we know — and in particular, TASTE BY GRACE HOME, knows no boundaries, gender or age! Believe it or not but my youngest customers are  4-year olds who love to bake our now famous 3-minute Ecuadorian Cookie Dough and scoop the Quattro Formaggio with Pink Peppercorns with their tiny little fingers! Such young and already sophisticated tastes, I tell you!

So this is where TASTE BY GRACE HOME comes in handy for you. Seriously, you don’t have to think or plan for your Christmas presents anymore — as I already did the thinking, testing and yes — even, wrapping for you!

As you know by now, each and every food product in Taste by Grace Home is tried and tested — and guaranteed to be so scrumptious that all your recipients will be very grateful to receive them from you!

Each Taste by Grace Home product is packed safely and beautifully to lessen your stress in gift wrapping!

Our packaging uses a predominantly black & white gingham pattern, with a touch of metallic pink  — hearkening to my love for all things pink, of course! 😉

The custom-made black-colored matte caps of our Cheese-Pairing Jam bottles are sourced all the way from Europe to further add to that bespoke flair of this food line. The jars are affixed with a safety seal marked by the line’s signature “t” emblem, to ensure quality and freshness.

Our Hors d’oeuvres come in vacuum sealed containers. Again, this is to ensure that the food you eat and serve are always fresh! Each one is placed inside paper-lined wooden crates embellished with a black grosgrain ribbon to also give you that charming look!

Our very popular Ecuadorian Cookie Dough is effortlessly chic yet totally homemade in its craft box packaging and again, as with all our other products,  vacuum-sealed to ensure quality, safety and freshness.

I also did not forget to include a cookie recipe card inside the box that contains our easy-peasy baking tips inside!

Last but not the least, you can also get the bag that can hold all your food items together. I designed a simple and yet large enough black and white tote bag that can fit and withstand the weight of your wooden crates and boxes!

It is these often-passed over elements and details that make Taste by Grace Home totally different and special. I am more than proud of our packaging but more so of our ingredients, flavors and yes, our taste!

And I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of you who have already tried them for themselves and have shared them with their families and friends.

With Taste by Grace Home, your holiday gift-giving problem is now solved!!!

Order now via SMS or VIBER at our Grace Home trunkline : 0906-361-8374.

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