One day I woke up and realized that what I am now and how I am now is so much different than what I was a year ago! Of course mentally and emotionally, I feel I am much stronger and wiser now than I was before, but at the same time, on the physical realm of things, I also feel that I look so much different now than I did before — even if I just compare how I look now to how I looked last year!

And the funny thing is that these realizations and sentiments make their presence felt every time my birthday is coming up… Now, I don’t know if that’s just me or it happens to you as well.

When you know you are turning another year older soon, do you actually become more “sentimental” with everything?

Speaking of birthdays, we all know that every single day, we are growing older. This is something we have to deal with and face bravely with our “game face on”, every single time. So as I grew older day by day, I also noticed I have been growing a lot of changes in my skin. My skin looks and feels so much different now than it did same time, last year! (Please tell me you guys feel the same way too!)

So let’s all blame it on AGING — which to be honest, can be a good thing and a bad thing. We all age anyway, so there’s no stopping that. But the good news is, as we age, we all grow smarter and wiser too in life (hopefully) because of our increased wealth of experience.

But then again… aging becomes a “bad thing” too when our skin ages so much faster than it should. Technically speaking, we should not look older than our real, factual age  — who wants that anyway?! Ideally, we should look our real age or yes, even younger! And why not?!

But then again, we also have a lot of factors to blame. Our busy, stressful lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise, sun exposure among many other things contribute to our skin aging. They all make us look older faster than we can say GO!

AGING is such a big and complex word, and is very much talked about these days and I will continuously share with you more of my ideas about that in future posts. But in the meantime, if you ask me now how I fight or delay my aging…

This is my answer — my newest discovery, my new weapons to fight AGING : PERRICONE MD’s newest line : the HYDROGEN (H2) ELEMENTAL ENERGY LINE.

This skincare line uses the power of HYDROGEN to activate our skin’s natural cellular energy. Hydrogen rejuvenates, hydrates and gives us what we all want: radiant-looking skin!

This line was designed for 30-40 year olds with normal to dry skin, who are new to skincare and want high-quality products that are extremely effective but without being overly complicated!

Let me share with you now the 4 products under this line and what I love most about them :


This HYDRATING CLOUD CREAM gives powerful hydration without the thick, heavy texture of traditional creams.

Why “cloud”? It has an airy, cloud-like texture that delivers a fresh, hydrating sensation while providing the deep comfort of a rich moisturizer.


This FIRMING FOAM MASK is a fun, easy to use mask that works over time to firm skin’s appearance.  Adding a mask to our daily skincare routine is an ideal way to target more serious skincare concerns such as loss of firmness.

But what I love most about this product is that it has an innovative foaming texture which makes it both highly effective and fun to use!


This HYDRATING BOOSTER SERUM is an intense, hydrating treatment to plump and smooth dry, dehydrated skin. This is ideal for someone who wants to add more hydration to their existing skincare routine or fight occasional bouts of dryness related to a change of seasons, extreme temperatures, or air travel.

It’s perfect for us who travel a lot!


Now here’s my favorite amongst them all! This DE-PUFFING EYE GEL is a cooling, soothing eye gel that de-puffs and hydrates the sensitive eye area.

Since the skin around our eye area is very thin, aging and dryness as well puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles are much more obvious here than anywhere else on our face. This is a very lightweight gel that provides immediate and soothing hydration around our eyes.

And do you know the best part about PERRICONE MD’s skincare line? They are all incredibly light-weight, fragrance-free and ideal even for the most sensitive skin!

PERRICONE MD is available in Rustan’s The Beauty Source

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