So I missed the last TSM FAVE THINGS for August…and I think you know why!

Last month, right after my big launch of TASTE BY GRACE HOME in Artefino, I flew immediately out of the country to Berlin (more on that “work trip” in a later post)! And since that day, I really haven’t had much free time in my hands to write on the blog.  So in this month’s post, I made sure to write this waaaay ahead of time!

So not only am I quite early to be publishing this 5 days ahead of schedule (TSM Fave Things is usually posted on the last day of the month), I am actually doubling it up to make up for lost time (each category has 2 favorite things)!

This article therefore covers more than a few of my favorite things from AUGUST and SEPTEMBER!

First, let’s talk about beauty and skincare.

La Mer Soleil Bronzing Powder and Moisturizing Cream

Recently, I’ve been experimenting on “deleting” a few steps in my makeup and skincare routine and replacing them with just one or two products that can do more than expected.

Since I don’t want to pile on a lot of color (ie. blush and contour) on my face, I now prefer using a natural-looking bronzer instead. This is why I am so happy with my latest discovery : La Mer Soleil Bronzing Powder. This pressed powder comes in a large and beautiful golden mirrored case, big enough to showcase its gorgeous mix of brown, beige, tan and caramel shades! The texture is amazing too: velvety smooth that creates light glimmer and leaves a nice, sun-kissed glow on my skin!

Now in my trip to Berlin last month which was followed shortly by a quick side trip to London, there was one thing constant in my bag : this La Mer Moisturizing Creme jar. This is always with me when I travel to protect my skin from getting too dry and sensitive.

Changes in timezone, temperature and humidity among other things make my skin break out unexpectedly. Thus, I’ve learned my lesson : never leave home without a good moisturizer! And so far, the rich and creamy texture of La Mer’s Moisturizing Creme is the one I find most effective in preventing extreme dryness on my skin.

Second, let’s talk about nice, new places.

Mireio Brasserie and The Terrace

Mireio is a Provencal-inspired brasserie-style restaurant on the 9th floor of Raffles Makati that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant is gorgeous inside and is filled with a lot of interesting art on the wall, giving it a cozy and charming ambience — the perfect place to take your special one for that romantic date.

Meanwhile, right above the restaurant on the 10th floor is The Terrace where you can take your friends to enjoy the sunset and cool breeze, with a good cocktail in one hand.  It gives such a stunning view of the city, especially when all the lights are on at night!

I’ve had a nice weekend brunch here with the family as well. and the place was a delight even more so during the day! Read about that here.

Next, let’s talk about new dishes to try.

Canton Road’s Scallops with Black Truffle Sauce and Crispy Crab Claws

One of my favorite restaurants in the city is Canton Road in Shangri-La at the Fort. Here, food is always good and service is always spot-on! They recently released a couple of new dishes in the menu, and here are two of my favorites :

Wok-fried US scallops with brocolli in black truffle sauce

Crispy stuffed crab claw with hibiscus sauce

Believe me when I say that these are two dishes you must order and must try! They are both sumptuous and filling — both kids and grown-ups will enjoy!

Last but not the least, let’s talk about what made August and September quite memorable for me…

Taste by Grace Home’s second event and our most special guests : YOU!!!

Last month was when Taste by Grace Home was launched, and this month was when we had our second event at Spectrum Fair Manila.

Let me therefore take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who came from all over the metro — from the north and the south, and braved the traffic to get your stash of Taste by Grace Home! 

More than being able to sell my products, what I truly enjoy most in these kinds of events is meeting you, my dear customers — and chatting with you about how you love Taste (among many other random things), and how you came all the way to the event to meet me and buy from me directly! Truly, these are the unheard stories that are unrecorded and “unblogged” and yet… they truly warm my heart!

Once again, thank you for all the love and support you continuously show me!

*Keep on checking the blog to find out when and where our next pop-up event will be!

To find out more about TASTE BY GRACE HOME, click here. 

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