The Spoiled Mummy Meets Crazy Rich Author Kevin Kwan

International best-selling author KEVIN KWAN was recently in town to promote his third book, Rich People Problems. I was more than delighted to be invited by the premier bookstore in the country, Fully Booked to have a one-on-one video interview with Kevin, the fabulous mind behind the Crazy Rich trilogy!

But first, here’s a flashback :


I met Kevin very briefly for the first time back in 2015 during his first book signing here in Manila, which was also c/o of Fully Booked. What surprised me the most was that he still remembers me from that day, even though I am sure he met more than a thousand people back then!

I guess it must be true that he really loves our country and the Filipino people who are continuously supporting him! In fact after his first visit here, he jetted off to Palawan for a much-needed R&R, a paradise he says that inspired him to include in his latest book, Rich People Problems.

And in his second visit to the country a few weeks ago, he was spotted again in Palawan right before he attended to all his book signing tours and interviews here in Manila. 

So is Kevin Kwan a Crazy Rich Asian or a true Filipino at heart??? Listen to our fun interview (double click the video below) and watch till the end to hear my funniest questions!

Rich People Problems was released last May 23, 2017, and it’s already made its way to bestseller lists all over the world. It follows China Rich Girlfriend (2015)which takes us into the secrets and scandals of Mainland China’s elite, and Crazy Rich Asians (2013), the story that started it all.

To top it all off, the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians just wrapped up last June — and we can’t wait to see Kevin’s glamorous world brought to life on the big screen… So stay tuned!!

And to end our interview… of course, what is Filipino hospitality without giving a send-off and thank you gift to your guest?  I gave Kevin a taste of Taste by Grace Home which I hope he enjoyed!

And guess what, right before he left Manila, we saw each other again! I guess I can really say that we have been together for so long now! 😉

Good luck and safe travels, Kevin! ‘Till we meet again!

Stay crazy rich and spoiled! xxx

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