To those of you who came and joined me in Taste by Grace Home’s big 3-day launch at the Artefino Fair last August 25-27, maraming, maraming salamat po!

I had a lot of surprise guests during the 3-day affair… Most of them got curious about what was going on in the busy Grace Home booth!

Thank you Mr. Gabby Lopez for giving your sign of approval for our Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade!

I also had a lot of friends who dropped by to say hello and shopped. Thank you sisters Anna and Isa! 

Thank you Jody and Grace!

I actually wish I had taken more (and better) photos with a lot of you, but you must have heard how crazy this fair was, so I think you will understand me for now!

*As most of you also know, I was the only saleslady in my booth — so if you were one of my guests and you took some photos of us together, please feel free to send them to me!

Just like these 3 succeeding photos that were sent to my by Artefino’s photographer, Magic Liwanag. Thank you!

This is me in the morning of day 1, still fresh and new!

This is me by early afternoon, hustling hard!

And this is me at the end of day 1 (actually this was not even at the end of the day), but this was taken right about 5:30pm, when I got the biggest surprise of my life : Taste by Grace Home was now completely SOLD OUT!!!!

And this is a short video I took with just my phone when I was walking back to my booth (after a quick 5-minute bathroom break) and I saw how people were falling in line and inching their way to get to Taste by Grace Home’s table!

My special thanks to Oster Philippines for providing my ever-reliable toaster oven for the event! Taste by Grace Home’s very popular 70% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough was such a big hit in Artefino because I was able to make cookies in as little as 3 minutes with this oven!

And then I got the biggest surprise of my life when a lovely lady, our most gracious Senator Grace Poe suddenly walked in and asked to taste some of my products!

Thank you Madam Senator for loving Taste by Grace Home’s Cheese Pairing Jams! 

You see, what a nice coincidence that we are both named “Grace”! And so she gamely posed with me, right by the sign of Grace Home. I teased her and said this is now her home too! 😉

Right after Senator Grace Poe left, I had another surprise when no less than my ultimate businesswoman idol, Mrs. Tessie Sy-Coson, THE owner of the whole SM conglomerate (also named as the Philippines’ Most Influential Woman and one of Forbes’ Most Powerful in Asia) — walked in and struggled to get a few of my product testers, amidst my jam-packed booth! She was accompanied by Congresswoman Gina de Venecia. 

Mrs. Tessie Sy-Coson zeroed in on my candles, room fragrances and skincare line! 

Thank you for shopping in Grace Home Manila, Cong. Gina de Venecia and Mrs. Tessie Sy-Coson!

And just when I thought the day had already ended (and on a very high note at that) — I was proven wrong!  This third and last day of the Artefino Fair had in fact, more and bigger surprises for this little tindera here!

While I was busy talking to a slew of customers to my left and right, a lady approached me and whispered to my ear that the “Vice President is here and she wants to try some of your products.” Of course my mind was not in its right place at that time (having been standing up for the past 6 hours or so), so I asked her and said “Vice President? Of what?” And she nicely answered me back, “VP Leni? You know… VP Leni Robredo.”

OMG. I wanted to hide under the table right then and there!!!

So right away, I scuttled to look for a nice plate (I got a Grace Home plate that was on display and for sale!) and hurriedly prepared a nice cheese platter for the Vice President, with a sampling of my cheese-pairing jams, and a few of my other dips and spreads around it! I mean… this is the Vice President requesting — the Vice President of my very own country! How can I not prepare and give her a taste of my products???!!!

So I ran to where she was seated (she was led to a private corner in one area) and there I presented to her and chatted with her about Taste by Grace Home…

My sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to you, Vice President Leni Robredo for being so humble, kind and generous of your praises to Taste by Grace Home. I am glad you enjoyed every single one!  It was indeed my honor and pleasure to have served no less than the Vice President of the Philippines! 

And to each and every one of you who braved the traffic, the rains, and the crowd to come and see me, and have a taste of TASTE BY GRACE HOME… once again, maraming, maraming salamat po!

I may not have slept nor eaten properly for 3 days straight (as I stood there from 10am to 9pm, with hardly any break), but I have also never felt this sense of accomplishment. I don’t even have a whole team or enough staff working with me (I only got our house cook and my kids’ yaya to be my cashiers during this event), but that’s okay… because I know, I am slowly but surely getting there… fulfilling my dream.

And lastly as I end this post, I would like to say that I wouldn’t have had the encouragement to start and the will to carry on if not for your continuous positive feedback and unending support to the work that I do. Your appreciation means the world to me.


My special thanks to the hardworking team and organizers of ArteFino : Mel Francisco, Maritess Pineda, Susie Quiros, Mita Rufino and Cedie Vargas.

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