The Amaya Grace

Want to know my lucky charm?

This butterfly-inspired filigree pendant by Kathy and Kathy Bespoke is my new treasured keepsake jewelry and something that I will lovingly pass on to my daughter a few years from now!

And you know why?

Each design from Kathy and Kathy Bespoke is unique and handmade — so you know that no two items are exactly alike.

Every piece from Kathy and Kathy Bespoke is handcrafted by some of our finest Filipino craftsmen. And this is the main reason why I love supporting this brand — because they themselves support our Filipino talent and artistry!

Just look at this piece closely and you can tell that this heritage-inspired design is made to tell a unique story –  a story that is meant to be shared and passed down for generations to come.

But here’s what makes this keepsake jewelry from Kathy and Kathy Bespoke even more sentimental personally : this beautiful piece of art was named after me!

Called the “Amaya Grace” , this pendant features a hand-carved design of an intricate butterfly, one that is made from 14 karat gold using the filigree technique. The butterfly surrounds a gorgeous champagne-colored South Sea Pearl in a distinct 13mm size.

But what does the word Amaya mean, you ask? This is the name usually associated to “love” and “angel” and given to baby girls, since it connotes birth of an angel, or a butterfly. Meanwhile, the pearl is a symbol of purity and protection. And the butterfly surrounding the radiant pearl is a powerful representation of hope and life and a good reminder of affirmation and positivity.

So with all the beautiful meanings behind this piece, this is definitely a lovely keepsake that I will pass on to my daughter… as she will forever be my angel — and my gift of grace!

Get your Amaya Grace now at Kathy and Kathy Bespoke.

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*Kathy and Kathy Bespoke also customized my very first gold locket where I keep my children’s photo very close to my heart. Read all about that here. 

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