Introducing : Taste by Grace Home

So the long wait is finally over! What I’ve been working on in my kitchen for the past six months is now ready to be revealed!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my labor of love : TASTE BY GRACE HOME. 

Now that you’ve seen that short video about my newest line… let me tell you a little bit more about the “behind-the-scenes”, how this all came about, and what Taste by Grace Home exactly is all about.

Taste by Grace Home is a line of homemade and artisanal food products that I’ve put together, curated, tried and tested, until I’ve perfected each and every recipe to make entertaining easier for you guys at home!

How did Taste by Grace Home begin, you ask?

As you all know I have always loved food. It is actually my deep love for food which motivated me to create The Spoiled Mummy more than five years ago. (Yes, this started as a food blog!) And three years after The Spoiled Mummy originated, my passion for entertaining was honed, which led me to create another name, another brand — and this time, it was all about my love for all things home : Grace Home.

Fast forward to today, I now have a third brand under my name: Taste by Grace Home. This is my very first foray into the food business! Friends and family who eventually found out what I was creating in my kitchen said that it was just a natural progression for me to go into food, since I have always loved food and entertaining. And I couldn’t agree more to that!

But just like with The Spoiled Mummy and Grace Home, I am equally proud of how Taste By Grace Home came about. After more than six months of looking for the right suppliers, sourcing different ingredients both here and abroad (I was “secretly meeting” with producers in between all my travels!), doing a lot of research and development in the kitchen, trying and testing recipes that work (and not!) — and then, designing packaging that’s both pretty and practical (and not!), I’ve finally come to the end of it all… The creation process is done, Taste By Grace Home is now born!

So what is in Taste by Grace Home ?

As mentioned, Taste by Grace Home is a line of artisanal food products that are homemade with only the best quality and all-natural ingredients.  Yes, you read that right : ALL – NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Every single thing you will see and taste here is pure, clean and yes, all-natural. No additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring were added — not a single drop of it. So you can say that is not just any other food line out there. This is a fine foods line, a fitting addition to my specialty home line that is, Grace Home. 

What are the products under Taste by Grace Home?

There are seven — yes, seven well-thought of and well-curated artisanal food products sourced from our local farms and from my travels abroad.

My exclusive debut collection of 3 cheese-pairing jams, 3 hors d’oeuvres and a luxe cookie dough were all conceptualized and inspired by my personal belief that living well should be a harmony of the senses, without sacrificing style, quality — and, of course, taste! 

Let’s start with the CHEESE-PAIRING JAMS. There are three different kinds and they are packaged as a set: Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey, Black Grapes and Pistachios with French Butter and Two Tomatoes and Habaneros with Sage. 

Intrigued already by their names alone? Yes, they are as intriguing in their flavor profiles as they are in their combinations, I tell you!

Just like my knack for combining scents in my signature Grace Home beeswax candles (my very first product in Grace Home), the cheese-pairing jams are characterized by their interesting and unique combinations. This is very different from the usual single or combination fruit-flavored jams that you can find in the supermarket. As we know, most of them are packed with artificial flavoring and preservatives, that’s why they can last for years in our pantry!

The next line under Taste by Grace Home is the HORS D’ OEUVRES. There are also three kinds here, and each is packaged individually : Organic Chicken Liver Pâté with Pistachio Praline, Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade and Quattro Formaggio Spread with Pink Peppercorns.

This Quattro Formaggio is a delightful spread that will remind you of your childhood. But I have to warn you that this is not your usual cheese spread from days of old  (so throw your usual expectations out the door!) as this is something more special than that! Instead of using just one kind of supermarket cheese and sweetened by condensed milk, I turned this into a more luxurious version by the addition of not just one, but FOUR different kinds of cheeses plus local artisanal ingredients such as : grass-fed butter, truffle honey, and a generous sprinkling of pink peppercorns to give you that added kick — and as an ode to my love for all things pink, of course!

Now let me share with you that during the taste-testing process of each one (and in particular of the Organic Chicken Liver Paté), I actually allowed my kids to taste them with me, as we worked on it day after day and night after night.  By the nth trial and revision, they finally gave me a two thumbs up sign! And that’s when I knew that my recipe has finally been approved by my harshest critics!

As you know, I really create things for my family first and foremost — and I consider all of you as part of my family too. So naturally, when I make something, I have my kids taste test it first before I actually share them!

Last among the hors d’ oeuvres, is the very light, almost feathery texture of the Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade. Here, I whipped a specially Cured Manchego cheese from Spain with luxurious French butter, and then added a subtle hint of pink Himalayan salt to it. Each batch is topped with roasted almonds and chopped olives to add a nutty taste that will complement the cheese. Also because in Spain (where this cheese came from), they always pair Manchego with green olives!

Is there anything sweet from Taste by Grace Home?

But of course! What is a food line for Grace Home, if there is no dessert? And dessert for me is always a luscious, deep dark chocolate made from the purest cacao bean. So yes, just like in my everyday life, the sweet ending to this story is a good piece of dark chocolate!

This dessert called 70% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough is both luxe and yet relatable to each and everyone of us. It is a sweet treat that both our kids and all grown ups will enjoy. But again, this isn’t your typical girlfriend-sleepover, movie-bingeing snack, or the typical frozen cookie dough you can normally buy from anywhere. I have to tell you that this is the most indulgent cookie dough you will ever find in the market today! And believe it or not, it is also the easiest to make! Yes, you, your husband, your boyfriend, your best friend who can’t cook, and even your little 3-year old can make this — whether you are skilled in the kitchen or not!

The fact that I am the biggest chocoholic out there explains how I came up with only the best kind of single origin cacao bean in my cookie dough. As you know, I am quite particular with all my ingredients and after taste testing each and every single one of them, the run-away winner for this cookie dough is the 70% Ecuadorian! Now what’s great about this is that I developed this cookie dough to be baked quickly. Yes, believe it or not, anyone can do this in just 3 MINUTES and from a simple oven toaster! (Conventional oven optional.)

It is this sense of accomplishment that I want to impart to all of you — especially to anyone who loves food and entertaining, but doesn’t have the time nor the energy to think about it or fuss about it. This fine foods line was made especially for all the working women and busy mummies out there. I am telling you already ladies (and gentlemen), that you too can be a hostess with the mostess — even with just a toaster oven! You don’t have to be Martha Stewart just  to entertain!

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VIDEO CREDIT : Serica Rojas 


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    Can I have a price list? Do you deliver? Thanks!

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