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Now that I’ve introduced a little bit of TASTE BY GRACE HOME to you, I want to let you in on my top secret next! If most people would rather keep things to themselves — especially what makes their products rare or unique — I am quite the opposite. I am gracious (no pun intended!) to share with you the ingredients in each and every single product and even tell you where I sourced them!

So here goes the next installment of my Taste video series where I talked about the nitty gritty  — the real stars of this Grace Home food line. Since the truth of the matter is… these are really what make our products truly and wonderfully special!

The 3 kinds of Cheese-Pairing Jams are :

  1. Black Grapes and Pistachios with French Butter
  2. Two Tomatoes and Habaneros with Sage
  3. Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey

Taste by Grace Home’s Cheese-Pairing Jams are all-natural and preservative-free fruit jams that are made in small batches and with the freshest and most premium quality ingredients. In recent years, I have learned to become more conscious about my own health and that of my family’s. So this has led me to source all the ingredients for this food line directly from the source — such as the : organic wild honey is flown in directly from Palawan, the grass-fed butter is made from a Bukidnon farm, the two kinds of tomatoes are from Tagaytay, while the habaneros are grown specifically just for Taste by a farmer in Benguet!

Aside from these local artisanal farms, I source outside the country too! The pistachios are from Dubai, the black grapes are from Australia and the Black Truffles are from Italy!

So as you can see, knowing the ingredients alone and where I sourced them, you can already be assured that you are getting only the most premium and high-quality food products out there!

And since these jams are not the typical plain ones you are used to spreading on your toast, it is important to know that these jams are best served with different kinds of cheeses — thus I came up with the name ‘Cheese-Pairing Jams’.  My cheese suggestions are at the back of each bottle too to make it easier for you when pairing them, because each jam has a different and distinct flavor profile than the other!

Now here’s another great thing about these Cheese-Pairing Jams : each jam is also developed for versatility. If not served with your cheeses and wine, they can also be served as relishes or condiments with your favorite grilled and baked meats!

And just recently, I was also surprised to discover another use for it : you can actually turn these jams into luscious dips and spreads too — simply by mixing them with cream cheese!

As I’ve mentioned, all the jams are made with no short-cuts and additives, no refined sugar and no artificial flavoring. In fact, only lemon and honey were added to act as their natural preservatives. I made sure that everything you will taste from this food line is all-natural and additive-free because I myself know the importance of this and how we only want what is good and healthy for ourselves and for our families!

Now let’s talk again about the Hors d’Oeuvres or simply put, the Dips and Spreads.

Again, there are three kinds :

  1. Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade
  2. Quattro Formaggio with Pink Peppercorns
  3. Organic Chicken Liver Paté with Pistachio Praline

Just like with the Cheese-Pairing Jams, all our Dips and Spreads are made of all-natural and preservative-free ingredients. (Believe me, I cannot emphasize this enough!)

For the Manchego Curado with Almond Olive Tapenade, I use a specially cured Spanish Manchego Cheese and mixed it with creamy and tasty French Butter. The result is a very light and smooth cheese spread, with a nice, nutty end to it — thanks to the roasted almonds on top and chopped olives right in the center. The subtle hint of pink Himalayan salt is also there with every airy morsel of this cheesy spread!

For the Quattro Formaggio with Pink Peppercorns, I use FOUR different kinds of cheeses (a combination of soft and hard, yellow and white cheeses) mixed in with our local artisanal products such as grass-fed butter, truffle honey, and of course, a generous sprinkling of pink peppercorns on top to give you that added kick and spice — and as an ode to my love for all things pink, of course! 😉

And lastly, for the Organic Chicken Liver Paté,  I use only ORGANIC chicken liver! In fact, I myself never eat any kind of liver. It was only until I developed my own variant — and with my own unique addition of sweet Pistachio Praline and using only ORGANIC chicken liver that I now eat liver. And now, even my kids look for it… without them knowing that there is another secret ingredient in there, which is the Pedro Ximenez sherry!

As for the dessert line, the Luxe Cookie Dough, I made sure that only the very best and the highest quality single-origin dark chocolate is used! Enter the 70% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough, which is as good as it looks and true to my intention of making entertaining easier for you guys at home, this is THE only luxurious cookie dough in the market today that YOU can make in 3 MINUTES flat, and yes — with just a regular toaster oven!

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Taste by Grace Home will be in ArteFino this weekend, Aug 25-27 at 8 Rockwell. Details are here. 

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