Are You A Beauty Addict?

If you are a beauty addict like myself, then read on…

As you know I have always been a loyal user of Swiss skincare brand La Prairie for many years now. This is because I’ve always believed in the brand’s efficacy — and isn’t that what we all want from our products — particularly from our skin care products? They may come out to be slightly pricier compared to what we normally get from other skincare brands, but if we talk about getting our desired results in a shorter amount of time, then what we spend on premium quality skin care such as La Prairie, all becomes worth it in the end.

This is why you must have seen me using a lot of La Prairie products on my Instagram / Instagram Stories for quite some time now, and you must have read about it a couple of times too here on the blog. (I wrote about it many times here.) This is how I really am… when I like something and believe in something so much, and I can see the positive results myself, then you can trust that I will be the most loyal customer you can get and I would willingly share it to as many people as I can!

So enter my newest favorite product from La Prairie!

For centuries, caviar has been known to be a magical source of dense, rich nutrients. As we all know caviar is scarce and coveted — a precious ingredient, one that is sought after for its prestige, and for its power to enrich and regenerate skin.

Here’s alittle bit of trivia : did you know that it has been more than 25 years since Swiss iconic brand La Prairie journeyed to the depths of the sea to capture these precious caviar beads and harness their rare restorative powers? The result was the wonder of their Skin Caviar line created with the most potent ingredients from caviar!

La Prairie’s SKIN CAVIAR ESSENCE-IN-LOTION is the most gentle, yet highly effective Caviar Water you will ever find in the market today.

This product was developed to be your FIRST and your PRIME step to your skincare regimen. This is what you apply before anything and everything else — yes right before your serums, moisturizers, sunscreen and makeup!

The Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion breaks the codes of all skincare lotions. This light textured formula featuring powerful ingredients will leave your skin refined, firmer and perfectly moisturized.

Can you just imagine having skin that is rich in caviar water??? Your skin will definitely look and feel as soft as silk!

How to apply?

  • Apply AM and PM after cleansing and toning and before your serum, moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup
  • Apply 2-3 drops of the essence over the face with the palms of the hands
  • Massage with gentle patting motions so skin is perfectly conditioned
  • Follow with the rest of your usual treatments; If you have the rest of La Prairie’s Skin Caviar collection, all the better!

Where to get La Prairie?

La Prairie is available in all Rustan’s Department Stores. But on August 17, Rustan’s The Beauty Source (in Rustan’s Makati) will be hosting its annual beauty event called the Rustan’s Beauty Addict. This is when almost every cosmetic brand in Rustan’s Makati will be doing their own fun counter activities. This just means that you can go to as many beauty counters as you want, play their activities and win lots of beauty gifts and freebies!

So if you are a beauty addict yourself, I suggest you come on or before August 17 and get your own Beauty Addict Card! This card will give you lots of perks and discounts as well as help you earn points for every purchase so you can use these to redeem your gifts and freebies. Plus with this card, you will now be invited to all the exclusive beauty events of Rustan’s!

So will I see all you beauty addicts there?

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