It’s almost the end of June, and as usual here is our monthly tradition of summing up a few of our favorite things for the month!

But first, a quick background: if you are following me on Instagram, you know how I’ve been travelling for the past week. I was in Vancouver with the family a few days ago… and now I am currently in New York City. It is our annual summer holiday so we are taking advantage of this few weeks off school!

In fact, I am writing this post right now in my daughter’s gymnastics school (she joined a short summer camp) and I figured, why not make my waiting time in school more productive by writing on the blog to keep you guys updated!

So without further ado, here goes our TSM FAVE THINGS for the month of JUNE :


This customized gold locket with a photo inside of my three children is one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received. I’m sure all you moms (and dads) agree with me that we always want our children to stay close to our hearts — and this is my simple way of doing that!

This beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry is handmade and handcrafted by our local artisans. I wrote about this special bespoke jewelry on the blog before. Click the link here to read more about it.

Kathy and Kathy Bespoke


I love a good and light fragrance, one that does not overpower my sense of smell and one that does not make me smell like a walking floral bouquet. I also love the style of Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of no other than THE Estee Lauder herself, who came up with her own beauty, home, luxury and lifestyle label.

What I am currently loving right now from her new line of perfume is the Mediterranean Honeysuckle. The packaging and the bottle alone are lovely, and when I spritzed it on the first time, it was as light and refreshing as I wanted it to be! It has some floral notes, but is tempered by some sweet and citrusy notes as well. Combine both and you have a beautiful fragrance that will remind you of a summer’s day out in a lush English garden or an afternoon in the beach with a fresh lemonade in hand!

Estee Lauder 
Available in all Rustan’s Department Stores


I’ve always loved waking up to a good and hearty breakfast — especially on my first morning in a new city (like in this case, Vancouver). I think it’s one meal that we should never take for granted, no matter how busy we are in the mornings. It’s a great way to start our day and to power up for the challenges ahead!

I know it’s not everyday that we can wake up to room service, and a pretty table spread like this, but I do make sure that when at home, I always start my mornings with a good cup of black coffee and some protein-rich eggs and cheese. That alone served with two pieces of buttered toast, and I’m good to go!

(But I still won’t mind waking up to fluffy Ricotta Pancakes and a bowl of fresh berries served like this one, every now and then!)


Ever since my eldest was two months old, we’ve always taken him around with us. And now that there’s three of them, aged 6 to 14, we travel as a bigger group of 5! Of course as we all know, travelling with children has a lot of downside (tantrums, food choices, sickness, jetlag, boredom etc), but I have to say, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages!

We all know how life is different on the road since traveling forces us to get out of our normal routines and comfort zones. This difference definitely teaches our children to accept new roles of responsibilities. Another benefit of travelling with kids is that it provides them wonderful opportunities to have real-world experiences and learn its lessons — things they don’t really learn inside the classroom or from reading books alone. Going out of our homes teaches them bravery and courage, opens up their eyes to appreciate other people and cultures, and strengthens our bond as a family!

*photo taken last week in Vancouver’s Stanley Park Seawall.

What an incredible 6 months of the year it has been! I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year has in store for us!

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