When in Italy : A Quick Day Trip to Modena

And we are back to talking about travel! As promised, here’s the continuation of my last post on Italy…

From Milan, we made our way to the little ancient town of Modena, a place you’ve probably heard of for its famous homegrown balsamic vinegar and the iconic Ferrari headquarters. Aside from those, Modena is also known as the birthplace of world-renowned opera tenor singer Luciano Pavarotti and is home to Italy’s second oldest university, The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, founded back in year 1175.

We went to Modena just for the day, so we didn’t really have much time to explore the little town. But you see, we came to this place for a good reason : after several months of waiting and frantic phone calls, we finally got in the much sought after reservation list of the 2016 World’s Number 1 Restaurant, Osteria Francescana!!! So of course, we did anything and everything we could do to make our way there! (This photo shows me at the very front door of the restaurant! Watch out for my separate blog post on that experience!)

Since this post is not about this unforgettable dining experience yet… allow me to share with you the one other place we visited in this little town of Modena, the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of sports cars but I must say this two-building car museum is indeed very impressive.  The front of the building is made entirely of windows and it lights up the neighborhood at night.

The oblong-shaped yellow roof beside it meanwhile is a tribute to Modena’s colors and it very well sticks out against the typical Italian brick houses that line the street next to it.

Inside the museum, the bright colored cars contrast the white floor of the gallery. On display are some of the most gorgeous and antique models of Ferraris I’ve ever seen, some from as early as from the 1940’s!

The museum is a nice and unique experience for both kids and grown ups alike. I had my two sons with me who were of course ecstatic about the place, thus I couldn’t catch them even for a quick photo. Meanwhile my little girl and I took our own sweet time learning more about these beautiful sports cars… and imagining what kind of  “magical powers” they each possessed!

I must say this quick visit to the Ferrari Museum was really worth our pit stop! It does not only tell the story and origins of the world’s most famous sports car brand Ferrari, but it is also an amazing showcase of some of the most beautiful cars ever built in history!

If you have more time to explore this quaint little town, go ahead as there are so many other wonderful things here — places that we wish we also had the time to see and experience! They have a lot of quaint cafes and good restaurants, as well as some nice old churches, a very historical Cathedral, beautiful palazzos, interactive museums and a lot of excellent balsamic vinegar producers I wish I had visited!

So since we didn’t have the luxury of time… I just did what I had to do. I took a lot of snapshots along their streets instead! And who would have thought that my coat on that day would perfectly match the town’s color?!

Till our next post!

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